10 Reasons Why Hannover is an Amazing Place to Live

When a person says, “I am moving to Germany,” most assume he or she will move to Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. The “Big Three” cities are known for its culture, cafés and constant nightlife. But, for me, life had a different path. I first arrived to Hannover and heard a German saying that translates to, “Nothing is […]

Photo Journey through Copenhagen, Denmark

Photography is my favorite hobby. It’s a therapeutic outlet that stimulates my creativity. Below is a photo montage of my favorite images from Copenhagen! Enjoy the video!

Is Europe Losing its Authenticity?

People who dream of taking a European vacation envision sipping lattes at a street side café and watching street artists. This historic notion holds true, but I have to question, “Is Europe losing its authenticity?” Throughout the last six months of living in Germany, I have visited 13 large-scaled European cities. This includes: Warsaw, Amsterdam, […]

Grünkohl Tour: A Northern German Tradition that Celebrates Kale

Have you ever experienced a grünkohl tour? I never experienced, let alone heard about, a grünkohl tour until to moving to Germany. Several years back, my husband hosted four Germans on a fellowship in Seattle and met with high-up city and business officials. The one fellow, Stefan from Oldenburg, told Tacoma city officials about the […]

A Non-Drinker’s Analysis of Germany’s Drinking Culture

In September 2012, I stepped foot into a foreign world of freedom and liberalism – German’s drinking culture. I arrived to Berlin after visiting Warsaw and Krakow Poland and Auschwitz. After reviewing the brutal mess of the 1940’s, I did not know what to expect. I noticed the young Berliners rebelling against conformity, wearing black […]

9 Things You Must Know Before Moving to Germany: Part 2

In Part One, I revealed my hectic move abroad. Changing comfort, and time, zones require countless deep breaths to overcome the many challenges. If you (or a friend) move to Germany, you must know these “rules.” Learn the Language – Before you move to Germany, learn the basic sayings. Those who learn the absolute basics […]

Things You Must Know Before You Move to Germany: Part 1 – My Story

You would think moving abroad for the fourth time would be easy? Only to one’s imagination would this move be easier than the last three. Each experience is unique and presents its own challenges. Although tough, I must say nothing can top the move to India where nervousness and fear kicked into full gear. To […]

Top 7 Reasons Why Germany is an Amazing Place to Live

After five months of living in Germany, my eyes have re-opened to compare and contrast cultures from around the world. At first, I experienced difficulty adjusting to the German culture. With the ability to speak five German words, I felt hopeless in succeeding my ADL’s (activities of daily living). I could not communicate and I […]

What Life is Like in Germany: The Thought & Opportunity to Move Abroad

I always dreamed of living in Europe. Cafes, culture, history and nightlife jingled my bells to life. During my collegiate days, I lived abroad three times, twice in Australia and once in India. In graduate school, I applied for every job known to man hoping to land a real job in Europe (not a bar or […]