6 Mental Fitness Exercises to Boost Creativity

Author: Larry Mager Some people ooze creativity; it’s like a gift. For most people, however, creativity can be a challenge. Especially if we have too much stress, a looming deadline, or just too much to do. Sometimes being creative takes extra work, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Quite often it only takes a […]

Spotting the Signs: Are You Unintentionally Propagating Mental Health Stigmas

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five adults in the United States deals with some form of mental illness in any given year; one in 25 suffers from a serious condition that significantly debilitates their lives. Among the youth, one in five experiences a serious mental disorder at some point; among […]

4 Ways to Break Into Your Creativity

4 Ways to Break Into Your Creativity Written by Guest Freelance Writer: Larry Mager Photo credit: mcredifine It’s easy to forget how often we use creative thinking in our daily lives. It might be coming up with a unique business strategy, planning an event, creating a piece of art from scratch, or even figuring out what […]

Join Me Feb. 3rd at 1pm PST for the Adapting to Changes on the Exploring Awesome podcast with host Jim Kellner

  Hello Dear Friends, How is life? On an individual and collective level, we are entering a new dynamic. Things are shifting and changing, and it seems to be happening at the speed of light. Things that are happening now are happening for a reason. Some claim it’s for all of us to purge our […]

How to Keep a Dream Journal

How to Keep a Dream Journal For those who are in-tune with their dreams know that there is a message behind their dreamlike vision, thought, or emotion. A dream journal is an insight to your inner world and allows a person to analyze recurrent patterns or aspects of life that require interpretation. Maintaining a dream […]

8 Houseplants to De-stress your Home

8 Houseplants to De-stress your Home Are you a stressed out mess? Looking for a room to breathe in? Now you can thanks to soothing houseplants that increases a room’s oxygen flow. But best of all these plants are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If you’re looking to remain calm and decorate your home, try […]

Meditation Techniques for Better Sleep

Meditation Techniques for Better Sleep Twitchy minds and restless legs find it challenging to fall asleep, especially during stressful times. The inability to sleep is mainly caused from the brain, which is hardwired to overthink and analyze everything. And what your brain needs is to stop thinking and start relaxing. Meditation before bed promotes better […]

Aromatherapy Mood Enhancers

AROUND THE HOUSE Aromatherapy Mood Enhancers Posted by Elizabeth Kovar Are you looking to improve your energy, sleep, or what happens between the sheets? Aromatherapy and essential oils are nature’s way to stimulate or calm the senses with the use of plant and flower extracts. Essential oils have a medicinal effect on our physical and emotional […]

Room Color and How it Affects Your Mood

BEDROOM DECOR Room Color and How it Affects Your Mood Posted by Elizabeth Kovar Bedrooms are personal, and so are colors. Colors in the room set the mood and showcase your personality. Color is therapeutic and affects our thoughts, moods and feelings. The psychology of color is fascinating. Although science does not understand it completely, it […]

Top 7 Sleep Sound Apps

SLEEP Top 7 Sleep Sound Apps Posted by Elizabeth Kovar Need help getting to sleep? Nothing goes together better than some nice sleeping sounds while lying in a warm, cozy bed. Sleep apps are popular and range from various meditation, nature or ambient beats. On your next night in the sack, tune into a sleep app […]