8 Houseplants to De-stress your Home

8 Houseplants to De-stress your Home Are you a stressed out mess? Looking for a room to breathe in? Now you can thanks to soothing houseplants that increases a room’s oxygen flow. But best of all these plants are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If you’re looking to remain calm and decorate your home, try […]

Green Clean Products: Top Plant-Based Cleaning Products

Green Clean Products: Top Plant-Based Cleaning Products Cleaning your home is essential, but so are eco-friendly methods and techniques. Consciously awake your home with plant-based cleaning products to freshen the atmosphere while being kind to the planet. Green cleaning products avoid harsh chemicals, which is gentler on your products and skin. The next time you […]

All About Thread Count and Sheets

All About Thread Count and Sheets In the late 90’s the thread count phenomena hit the bedding market and now is the topic of sheet conversation. Sheets come in all qualities, color, and size. However, there are four components that make or break the quality, which includes fiber quality, weave, finishing and thread count and […]

Kid Bedroom Design Ideas

Kid Bedroom Design Ideas Trends come and go, and that goes for bedroom styles, even for children. While some trends will never leave the bedroom, some are here to stay, or least for a while until the child gets old enough to beg for a remodel. Whether you’re looking to fix up one idea or […]

Asian Inspired Design Ideas

BEDROOM DECOR Asian Inspired Design Ideas Posted by Elizabeth Kovar When done correctly, an Asian inspired bedroom is a stress-free, private sanctuary of soothing colors, comfortable sheets and calming atmosphere. Asian inspired designs do not break the bank, so do not feel you need spend a pretty penny on brand new furniture. Two important concepts to […]

Home Design with the Feng Shui Bagua Chart

AROUND THE HOUSE Home Design with the Feng Shui Bagua Chart Posted by Elizabeth Kovar The Bagua (pronounced pa-kwa) chart is an octagonal, or square, object with a yin-yang in the center, depending on the style of chart you use. Each side of the octagon, or box in the square represents a certain aspect of life.  […]

Flower Bedroom Decor and Design

BEDROOM DECOR Flower Bedroom Decor and Design Posted by Elizabeth Kovar If you are in search of a different floral arrangement than you’ve come to the right place. Flowery bedrooms offer more than a vase with daisies, but offers a connection to nature. Below are some vital tips to keep floral bedrooms feminine and chic, but […]

Bedroom Artwork Design

BEDROOM DECOR Bedroom Artwork Design Posted by Elizabeth Kovar Paintings, pictures, posters, tapestries and sculptures. Art expresses itself in various styles, colors and forms. When decorating your bedroom, choose art that expresses the true form of the energy and mood. Below are design tips for various bedroom styles and themes. European Elegance Love history and Europe? […]

Room Color and How it Affects Your Mood

BEDROOM DECOR Room Color and How it Affects Your Mood Posted by Elizabeth Kovar Bedrooms are personal, and so are colors. Colors in the room set the mood and showcase your personality. Color is therapeutic and affects our thoughts, moods and feelings. The psychology of color is fascinating. Although science does not understand it completely, it […]

Bedroom Color Scheme

BEDROOM DECOR Bedroom Color Scheme Posted by Elizabeth Kovar Trends come and go, but what stays true and authentic is your sense of style and personality. And color reflects your personality and mood. If you’re in the market for a character boost, then it’s time to introduce color into your bedroom. So whether you are seeking […]