7 Essentials to Survive a Week in Ibiza

Travel and Leisure — July 6, 2015 at 5:00 am Edit this post 7 Essentials to Survive a Week in Ibiza by Elizabeth Kovar+ Ibiza, Spain’s idyllic beach party island, welcomes an eclectic mix of hippies, Euro backpackers, and high-end ballers. Thanks to the flower-power hippies of the 1960’s, and their love for music, Ibiza has […]


FOOD AND DRINK MAY 13, 2015 Scottish whiskey, or scotch, is a malt or grain whiskey made in Scotland. Whiskey is over 500 years old and is now endemic to Scottish (and the world’s) drinking culture. Today, Scottish distilleries produce whiskey according to law-abiding guidelines set by the UK Parliament. However, that does not affect […]

The 3 Nicest Cultures in Europe

When traveling abroad, every individual accumulates different experiences. In one city, one individual experiences the best time where another person experiences the worst days of their life. Every city, country and culture presents challenges when transporting around or translating languages. So far to date, my experiences in every culture and country have been positive. I […]

Europe’s 7 Oldest Bars and Brewhouses

MK LIVIN’ – THE MOUNTAIN KHAKIS BLOG FROM MOUNTAIN KHAKIS Europe’s 7 Oldest Bars and Brewhouses Posted by Elizabeth Kovar on April 2, 2015 at 5:00 AM ×  Edit Despite rocky history that Europe has endured, one thing hasn’t changed: alcohol. Bars, pubs, breweries and wine cellars have existed since the creation of organized living. No longer are cloaks, […]

7 European Cities Best Seen from the Water

From Panama Jack — April 15, 2015 at 5:00 am 7 European Cities Best Seen from the Water by Elizabeth Kovar+ Most people expect to walk or bike while visiting European cities, but what about cities located on the water? Some European cities have historic roots along canals, rivers and ocean sides. Get ready to kayak and […]

11 Things You Didn’t Know Are German (that America Inherited)

What do gummy bears, hair perms and gingerbread houses have in common? They are German inventions or traditions that made way to America. It’s amazing how many American roots are seeded from Germany. These are 11 interesting and humorous things America, and the world, got from Germany. Gummy Bears Germans love gummies like they love their […]

10 Things that are Still Kickin’ It in Germany

Long before smart phones and modern trends, humans used “historic” tools for daily needs. Leather jackets kept us warm on a cold winter’s night. Samsonite suitcases carried our goods across the world. And, flip phones called and texted loved ones outside of our home. In America, what seems like an “ancient” 90’s trend is still […]

10 Reasons Why Hannover is an Amazing Place to Live

When a person says, “I am moving to Germany,” most assume he or she will move to Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. The “Big Three” cities are known for its culture, cafés and constant nightlife. But, for me, life had a different path. I first arrived to Hannover and heard a German saying that translates to, “Nothing is […]

Photo Journey through Copenhagen, Denmark

Photography is my favorite hobby. It’s a therapeutic outlet that stimulates my creativity. Below is a photo montage of my favorite images from Copenhagen! Enjoy the video!