Vote for Elizabeth to Become the Next Weleda Global Garden Blogger & Creative Artist

Dear Friends, Hope you are having a lovely summer. I have applied for the Weleda Global Garden Contest and hoping you can take a moment to vote for me? Weleda is a holistic German product line and is looking for a blogger and creative artist to explore their meadows, gardens and farms located around the world. […]

20 Buzz-Worthy Cafes & Places for Kaffee & Tea in Hannover, Germany

Forget Paris. Forget London. Big city Europe is run down and riddling with overcrowded and overpriced cafes. Hannover has a one-of-a-kind cafe life. With plenty of indoor-outdoor seating, you will enjoy these cafes yearround. Each cafe boasts their own flavor, from coffee to decor to loyal guests. There are so many amazing cafes, it’s impossible to feature […]

15 Most-Vibrant Beach Clubs in Den Haag, Netherlands

Pronouncing “Scheveningen” in Dutch is not my strong point, but enjoying great food and good vibes at a beach club on a sunny day is my strength! Den Haag is one of my favorite Dutch cities. If I had to guess, it’s what Amsterdam used to be before tourism overtook the city. Calm, relaxed and […]

A Walking Tour of Unter den Linden: Berlin’s Most Prominent & Historical Street

Berlin, the quirky and eccentric city that is, is known for it’s “poor but sexy” vibe. It is one of Germany’s most popular tourist cities, but ironically Berlin doesn’t fit the vibe for traditional Germany. Sadly, World War II bombs blasted the city, leaving it ruins. Thanks to the “beauty” of 1950’s architecture, Berlin is […]

7 Mouth-Watering Plant-Based Restaurants in Barcelona, Spain

In a country known for jamon and rare delicatessens, vegan and vegetarian cuisine surges throughout city neighborhoods, plazas and squares. Barcelona is expensive and vegan and vegetarian food is no exception. Some places are more affordable than others, where some restaurants expect to spend a pretty penny, well euro. It is easier to eat vegetarian […]

8 Favorite Places for Vegetarian & Vegan Food in Madrid

Madrid has no shortage of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and cafes. A chic and classy city, don’t expect the hole-in-the-wall joints chocked full of alternative, tatted-up hipsters.  Having good health is a part of the European lifestyle and mindset, and with that said, the plant-based industry is forever growing. Madrid features a combination of vegetarian and vegan […]

Items for Sale in Hannover

If you are interested in these items in Hannover, please contact me via Facebook messenger, email or whatsapp. All items need to go on or before December 15th. All is first come, first serve. Everything is between 6-12 months old. We can negotiate on some items 🙂 I can also send some up-close images. Pullout […]

Europe’s 6 Coolest Historical Beach Towns

Travel and Leisure — November 11, 2015 at 5:00 am Europe’s 6 Coolest Historical Beach Towns by Elizabeth Kovar+ Nothing expresses European culture more than historic architecture, quaint cafes and traditional cuisine. Historical seaside towns nestled alongside beautiful ocean shorelines convey the essence of the European lifestyle. From Nice to Porto, these are the coolest historical […]

6 Top Mediterranean Beaches to Visit in September

At the Beach, Travel and Leisure — September 7, 2015 at 5:00 am 6 Top Mediterranean Beaches to Visit in September by Elizabeth Kovar+ Mediterranean beaches are some of the world’s most beautiful and spectacular coastlines to visit. September is one of the best months to visit the Mediterranean, since it’s the start to low season. This […]

Greek Health: 8 Holistic Products You Must Buy from Greece

Greek Health: 8 Holistic Products You Must Buy from Greece 8/17/2015 0 Comments Greece is the mecca for all things healthy. Herbs, spices, olive oil, honey, pumas stone and olive oil-based soap, Greece is a health nut’s paradise.  Visitors experience the best products for one’s inner and outer world ranging from organic skin products […]