2013 Yoga Festivals

2013 Yoga Festivals Posted on May 3, 2013 by Elizabeth Kovar Peace-loving, freedom-seeking and liberal-promoting individuals find serenity and inner-calmness while practicing yoga. So what better way to create a culture of universal love and freedom through a yoga festival. Every year various festivals occur throughout the world to bring together like-minded yogis to celebrate a cause, world […]

Fit App – Day 25 Reading – Your Hooked, Now what you are Going to do?

Your Hooked, Now what you are Going to do? Habit is referred to “an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.” Exercise, like bad food, is addicting – in a healthy way. For example, when the body ingests greasy, fatty and sugary the food, the body craves what you eat, not […]

Fit App – Day 20 – Confide in Yourself

Confide in Yourself Confidence, one thing that many people lack, is something we must regain. Why do we lack confidence? It is very individualistic, but some people lack confidence because they are either not comfortable with the way he or she looks. Also, outside ‘sources’ affect confidence such as a boss that constantly puts down […]

Fit App – Day 6 Reading – The NEAT Way to Exercise

The NEAT Way to Exercise Do you like fast cars? Cars that go form 0 to 60 mph in between 4-6 seconds are not only super fast, but there is an expectation for this to happen every time someone races it. That is what I commonly see in weight-loss journeys. You get inspired by the […]

Fitness App – Day 3 Reading “Accept the Past, Keep Looking Forward.”

Accept the Past, Keep Looking Forward One day we wake up and realized “Wow, I am 100 pounds overweight.” Or “I can’t take this stress anymore, I’m done.” Then we start to view the last few years of our lives, and mentally beat ourselves up over letting our health or weight spiral out of control. […]

Join me on an Alaskan Cruise to Health – 2014

Namaste, Are you looking to re-ignite your health? Are you ready for an exciting adventure of wellness knowledge and movement programs set in picturesque Alaska? Join four prolific and passionate American Council on Exercise Master Trainers and Consultants for a week full of interactive health-related fun! Our Destination: A Better You Cruise will transform your […]

Relieve Stress through Outdoor Pursuits

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ENOPIA! WWW.ENONATION.COM  Relieve Stress through Outdoor Pursuits Posted by Elizabeth Kovar on April 3, 2013 at 12:00 pm Stress is a part of the American culture. Technology, traffic, hectic schedules and work are stressors that are a part of American’s daily lives. Long-term stress leads to illness and disease as well as […]

Breathe your way into a Stress-free Day

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ENOPIA! WWW.ENONATION.COM RELAX AND BE HEALTHY Breathe your way into a Stress-free Day Posted by Elizabeth Kovar on April 1, 2013 at 5:00 am Stress affects millions of Americans, and continues to be a daily issue in modern life. Essentially, stress is a depletion of healthy energy, and long-term stress leads to […]

Top Detox Destinations

Top Detox Destinations Posted by Elizabeth Kovar on March 8, 2013 at 5:00 am Modern day stress spirals life into a different, and sometimes, not-so-healthy lifestyle.  Stress leads individuals to fall into the trap of developing unhealthy diets, poor habits or illness. If this sounds familiar, then it may be time to experience a mind-body detox to kick-start […]

Staying Balanced in a Modern World

Staying balanced is hard, especially in this modern world. Increased job duties, constant connection to technology and economical hardships are just some of the stressors that make it hard to stay balanced. Check out my interview, located in podcast form, on the Matter of Balance Show with Kristen Rzasa. http://ftns.co/shows/a-matter-of-balance/?show=celebrating-movement-celebrating-life