Fitness on Queen Anne Hill Seattle

Local Seattlites are outdoor enthusiasts that crave integrating fitness and nature together. As a resident of the Queen Anne neighborhood, I realize how much outdoor fitness potential there is throughout the hill. Plus, the challenge of conquering the uphill battle focuses on toning glutes, legs and calves- every woman’s dream! As the weather gets dark […]

Bigger, Stronger, Faster and Injured for the Holidays

Bigger, Stronger, Faster & Injured For The Holidays WRITTEN BY ELIZABETH KOVAR | 19 NOVEMBER 2012 It is common that individuals who want to burn maximum calories push their bodies to the limit with time and energy.  This misconception leads to injury quicker than anticipated due to overtraining or not having enough stability and mobility in […]

Pump-O-Matic…The Workout with a Pumpkin!

Hello friends! First, I want to start with a simple question. What do you with your pumpkins this fall season? Most commonly heard answers include: carve it, eat it, smash it! However, have you ever worked out with a pumpkin? Now is your chance! This at-home, gym or group class concept works to move the […]

What are you Waiting For? Part Two

What Are You Waiting For? Part Two WRITTEN BY ELIZABETH KOVAR | 16 OCTOBER 2012 OREGONSPORTSNEWS.COM In Part One of “What Are You Waiting For”, I explained the “need to knows” about exercise to understand the many fitness myths or misconceptions.  Part Two discusses the understanding of nutrition and the astonishing holiday food consumption. Throughout the years, […]

What are You Waiting For? Part One

What Are You Waiting For? Part One WRITTEN BY ELIZABETH KOVAR | 12 OCTOBER 2012 I recently had a conversation with someone who, like many Americans, encountered a stressful time period where weight gain was the result of a lack of physical activity and poor nutrition.  This individual found it challenging to balance life between work […]

Embrace the Fall, Embrace something New…

New Season, New Workout, New You WRITTEN BY ELIZABETH KOVAR | 04 OCTOBER 2012 The fitness industry continuously evolves with new class ideas and equipment.  Although some equipment may not be fresh on the market, it may be new to your fitness routine. Embrace the transition into fall with something exciting and different.   TRX Suspension […]

What would you do if you could anything…?

I remember, as if it were yesterday, the day I walked out of my nightly sport sociology class on Bowling Green State University campus, and I noticed this flyer of a man standing on top of a mountain with arms wide open and “What would you do if you could anything?” My mind jolted with […]

Fall into a Stress-free Season

To stress or not to stress? ADMIN JULY 3, 2012 0 Written by Elizabeth Kovar, M.A. Contributor for Tools For A Great Life It is common to encounter stress on a daily basis. From sitting in traffic to presenting at a conference, we must learn to recognize stress and how it affects our daily life.  Some days are […]

Back in Action & Ready to Roll

Just before my departure to Europe, I officially launched my site! This has been an exciting, near two year, journey to figure out what type of website I wanted; plus, exactly how I wanted to brand myself to be perceived by fitness professionals.  I did have the “light bulb” experience one morning, but I do […]


Welcome everyone to brand new website and blog! With this blog, I will post educational reading materials; in addition to posting publications from the various websites that I write for. I hope you enjoy this experience and please feel free to contact me at anytime if you should have any questions regarding the articles, blog […]