My 7 Favorite Seattle Gardens & Parks to Stop & Smell the Roses

Seattle, “The Emerald City,” is a true gem in the Pacific Northwest. Although the city is growing faster than a hipster’s beard, there are still plenty of places to stop and smell the roses. From popular parks to secret gardens, these are my favorite public spaces to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of flowers. Click […]

7 Easy Day Trips from Downtown Seattle, Washington

Seattle is my home (technically my home away from home), and as a resident since 2011, I’ve done my fair share of exploring the city and the surrounding areas. Everytime I hear about day trips from Seattle, most think of one of the mountain ranges like Rainier or St. Helens. Although it’s possible to do […]

Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle…We Can Do This!

Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle…We Can Do This! Written by: Janice Miller Committing to healthy habits usually means some trial and error until you can settle on a program or process that works for you. The word “commit” carries a lot of weight (which is something most of us would rather not carry ourselves!). A commitment […]

Upcoming BOSU Workshops at Tacoma Center YMCA – May 13, 2017

Are you in need of ACE, AFAA and/or NASM CEUS? Two live BOSU workshops will take place at the Tacoma Center YMCA on Saturday, May 13, 2017 – Double Up Double Down & Studio Pilates. The combination of the two workshops features over 100 exercises on how to use the BOSU with drills, circuits, core training […]

ACE Fitness – Back to the Basics: How to Create Innovative Fitness Programs

Are you looking to improve your clients’ fitness routines? If you want to create new and innovative exercises, it’s time to get back to the basics. Many trainers constantly seek the “next best exercise” or rely on new equipment to challenge their client’s routine. Although this is O.K., the reality is that many personal trainers […]

4 Ways to Break Into Your Creativity

4 Ways to Break Into Your Creativity Written by Guest Freelance Writer: Larry Mager Photo credit: mcredifine It’s easy to forget how often we use creative thinking in our daily lives. It might be coming up with a unique business strategy, planning an event, creating a piece of art from scratch, or even figuring out what […]

How to Promote Fitness Among Seniors

How to Promote Fitness Among Seniors   Contribution from Freelance Writer Sally Writes Seniors represent 14.5% of the US population according to the Census Bureau. This means that the number of elderly people, 65 years or older stands at 46.5 million based on the 2014 statistics. Aging has many repercussions including declining mental and physical functioning.  […]

4 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in Winter

4 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in Winter Written by: Janice Miller If you’re a dog owner, you know how much fun it is to watch your dog romp in the snow, try to catch snowflakes, and play with the neighbor kids while they slide down the hill, but there are some dangers posed […]

Join Me Feb. 3rd at 1pm PST for the Adapting to Changes on the Exploring Awesome podcast with host Jim Kellner

  Hello Dear Friends, How is life? On an individual and collective level, we are entering a new dynamic. Things are shifting and changing, and it seems to be happening at the speed of light. Things that are happening now are happening for a reason. Some claim it’s for all of us to purge our […]

6 Amazing Beaches for Street Food

At the Beach, Travel and Leisure — February 17, 2016 at 5:00 am 6 Amazing Beaches for Street Food by Elizabeth Kovar+ Nothing sounds tastier after a long day of surfing and swimming than a plateful of tacos or pad thai washed down by the waters from a freshly cut coconut. If you love beaches and authentic […]