Best Destinations to View from Above

Best Destinations to View from Above

Life on land is wonderful, but sometimes everything starts to look mundane and original. If life starts to look bland, it maybe time to a ride on cloud nine as some sites are best seen from the sky. Get ready to spread your wings and catch a bird’s eye view of some of the world’s most natural wonders.

Kilauea Volcano | Hawaii
For an up-close encounter to something magical, take a helicopter flight high in the sky to view one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Most helicopter tours fly around surrounding areas. View spewing and flowing lava all with the opportunity to view cinder cones, lava lakes, glowing skylights and lava cooling in the ocean shoreline. Unfortunately, volcanoes are not a smoke-free environment, so keep your eyes wide open for amazing sites lingering under the smokescreen.

Great Barrier Reef | Australia
Known as the eighth wonder of the world, the reef stretches over 2,300 kilometers along the Queensland coast. The diverse reef is home to some 1,500 species and 411 types of coral. To grasp the immense size of the reef, one must have an aerial experience. Scenic helicopter tours glide through the region while passengers “ooh” and “aww” at the reef’s color, which glistens during sunny days. It is possible to see large marine life floundering throughout the reef’s highway.

Mount Everest Summit | Himalayan Mountain Range
Only the select few mentally strong and physically fit individuals will explore the peak of Mount Everest. For those who succeed, they are presented with the world’s highest birds eye view still grounded to earth. The 360 degree view of the surrounding snow-capped mountains presents a once in a lifetime view. The “coolest” part of the summit is that successful climbers explore life above the clouds.

Christ the Redeemer Statue | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Redeemer is the largest statue art deco statue and the fifth largest statue of Jesus in the world. The enormous statue presents massive views of the city, mountains and ocean. Things look prettier at the top Corcovado Mountain especially during sunrise and sunset. If it rains, visitors are presented with a rainbow that drapes over the statue. When sight seeing don’t forget to breath as this panoramic view of Rio and the surrounding area is stunning and magical.

Mount Rainer Summit | Washington
Anyone that stands 14,000 feet in the air better be treated with stellar views. Individuals who summit are treated to a panoramic view of surrounding Cascade mountain range including the area’s volcanoes. Mount St. Helens, Mount Hood and Mount Adams. Experience life above the clouds on either Columbia crest or Point Success, which are the two highest summit peaks, and feature the best views of the Pacific Northwest.

The World Archipelago | Dubai
This man-made wonder keeps people wondering, “How did they do that?” This global island comprises of smaller islands situated to form a flat layout of the world and universe. And the nearby Palm Islands are radiant during the day and glistens at night as visitors fly over the Persian Gulf. Between the world island and the palm islands is the Universe. This is situated to execute the shape and look of the milky-way and solar system. Some projects are on hold due to the 2008 financial crisis.