Best Countries to Booze

Best Countries to Booze

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Some of the best travel stories are created from a mixture of boozing stirred with a long night and possibly poured until the next morning. Most of the world has lenient drinking laws as well as long hours with some bars and clubs closing at 5:00am. So if your looking for a place to sip, or chug, a stiff drink and linger with the locals, these are the best countries to raise your glasses and say, “Cheers,” “Prost” or “Dude, that was epic.” Beware, blackouts may occur

The locals in Reykjavik sure know how to party, and don’t be surprised if you see young Icelandic men smashing beers and bottles at breakfast time.  Having a drink is common during day or night hours. To get a taste of Icelandic goodness, try Brennivin. In English, the “Burning Wine,” is clear, unsweetened schnapps and has a similar taste to Vodka.

From Warsaw to Krakow, and every village in between, is cheap Polish vodka. Shots range anywhere from 50 cents to two dollars and come in various delicious flavors such as cherry, which is smoother to stomach. “Wodka” as they say, has been serving the locals since the Middle Ages and is one place to get drunk, real fast.


No one ever leaves Germany empty handed without a beer stein and a handful of pub stories. Beer is part of the culture and in cities such as Berlin it is common to find locals stirring up a drinking party in the streets or the U-ban stations. Public intoxication is normal, and many amazing pub-crawls show travelers a night of good German drinking. And of course, Oktoberfest is one of the wildest times one can spend drinking in Germany.

Oh those funny Aussies, always causing a drunken ruckus from the bars to a rugby match. That reason could be due to consuming too much Bundaberg Rum. The oh so sweet rum is known as “Bundy,” and can be consumed right out of the bottle or from the ready-to-drink hard cola. It’s sweet. It’s Delicious. It’ll give you one head-throbbing hangover.

Czech Republic
Get crunked Bohemian style on this little green liquor known as absinthe.  Bitter and artificially colored, this stuff will knock your socks off and make you sing in the streets with a potato pancake in hand.


Those crazy Brits can’t go a moment without consuming a beverage. Tea during the day, wine, beer or liquor at night. The most famous English beers are ales and stouts. Spiked ciders are another popular drink for those who enjoy something different. From pubs to nightclubs, England’s got it all.

Sing high and loud in a drunken stupor throughout the highlands of Scotland. Scottish beers have been in existence for some 5,000 years and the whiskey is cold and smooth. For something unique try the Drambuie, “The Drink that Satisfies,” which is a scotch whiskey. Visitor warning: avoid swimming, apparently the Loch Ness monster attacks not-so-smart drunks who decide to take a  late-night swim.