Best Adventure Islands

Best Adventure Islands

Posted by  on August 15, 2013 at 5:00 am

If you were stranded on an island what would your bring? A book? A bottle of tequila? Well on these islands you better bring a good pair of shoes and an extra change of clothes as you traverse through exciting shorelines and mysterious jungles. These adventurous islands are active in nature and are a non-stop thrill-seeking destination. With so much to do and so much to see, make sure you save at least one afternoon to relax on the seaside with a book and cold beverage in hand, since you technically are on an island.

Koh Phangnan | Thailand
Snorkel the ocean, drive a moped around the island and trek the jungle – in the morning. Later in the day take a trek in the jungle and visit Thansadet Natural Historical Park. If you play your cards right with the lunar, you can take advantage of the half or full moon party. And if this completely exhausts you, relax and detox at The Sanctuary, a retreat only accessible via boat.

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St. Lucia
Get ready for stunning scenery from dramatic mountain peaks to crystal clear shorelines. The beauty is waiting to be discovered from beaches to sulphur springs. From volcano trekking to zip lining the jungle, adventure is a mundane description for this island. Take a dip under a waterfall or cycle the island in search of conquering wanderlust.

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New Zealand 
New Zealand’s promotional campaign, “100% Pure” forgot to mention that this island country is also “100% Awesomely Adventurous.” Wherever you go, you’ll find a trail, glacier or hot spring to explore. But thrill-seekers make way to Queenstown where you’ll experience action-packed days and bar-friendly evenings. Hiking, biking, zorbing, surfing, paragliding and canyoneering are only a few of the dreamy escapades New Zealand has to offer.

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Get adventurous above and below the waves of Barbados. Snorkel and dive one of the many reefs or windsurf and kite surf the blue-green waters. Make way to the Harrison’s cave, which is part of underground caverns or bird watch at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary. Ride away with your prince or princess in a shoreline horseback ride.

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With over 35 beaches and 40 different dive areas, there is no shortage of water activities. Visitors hike and bike many of the mountainous trails or walk amongst the “Salinas” where large colonies of flamingos hangout. Another main attraction is the Hato Caves and the Aloe Vera Farm.

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Hawaiian Islands
The chain of Hawaiian Islands is truly an exciting destination. Hike the Napali Coast in Kauai, snorkel or dive Molokini Crater or take a helicopter ride over Volcano National Park. From whale watching to surfing to biking, the Hawaiian Islands are a dream come true for those who love paradise and adventure.

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Iceland is another one of those rare islands that was born adventurous and breeds thrill-seekers.  The list is endless, but some of the most popular activities include glacier trekking, swimming at the Blue Lagoon, boating at Jokulsuralon or seeking whales and the northern lights at midnight. Although the weather is fare a few months of the year, Iceland is a must-visit destination for the outdoor junkie.

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