Benefits of Wood Flooring

Benefits of Wood Flooring

Carpet or wood floor? That seems to be a common question amongst home owners and interior decorating enthusiasts. Both have their pros and cons, but people who convert to a wood floored household find it challenging to go back to carpet. For those who like warmth, beauty, and durability, wood floors are the perfect home addition. Below are some not-commonly-thought of benefits to having wood floors.

Easy to Clean
Wood floor beats carpet in the cleaning department. No more scrubbing stains out of the fibers as wood floors can be scrubbed, washed, mopped, stained, or sprayed. And in the event a chunk goes missing, it normally adds character rather than looking odd.

Wood floors last a lifetime, literally, as it can last for one hundred years or more. Wood is known to be the most durable style of flooring and with refinishing every now and then, the floor is built to last.

Carpet is known to store dander, pet hair, pollen, and mold—plus anything not seen with the naked eye. For those who suffer from seasonal or environmental allergies do better with wood floors. Some claim it’s easier to breathe while in an open, wood-floored space.

Not all wood flooring comes in the same shape, color and style. Today’s modern home market design has a variety of options including wood grains, board width, type of wood, and hues. Currently, bamboo is one of the market’s best-selling products.

Increases Home Value
If you plan on selling or moving anytime in the future, wood floors go a long way. Most of the time new home owners purchase new carpets due to aging, color scheme or desire to start fresh. Wood floors offer that fresh start and do not look old even after a few years. Wood floors open spaces, warms the room and sets the ambience. It’s no wonder why it increases the home’s value.

Neat Appearance
It’s not uncommon to hear or think that wood floors are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Unlike carpet where stains, tears or fur balls “pop out” toward the eye, wood floors, even when dirty do not appear dirty.