Bedroom Color Scheme


Bedroom Color Scheme

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Trends come and go, but what stays true and authentic is your sense of style and personality. And color reflects your personality and mood. If you’re in the market for a character boost, then it’s time to introduce color into your bedroom. So whether you are seeking happiness, inspiration or therapy, create your sleep sanctuary to reflect that through the mixology of color. Adding color is like a face-lift, it brings a whole new dimension to bedroom’s aesthetics.

Searching for happiness? Find it each and every morning in your bedroom with warm colors. Integrate various hues of reds, oranges and yellows to rise and shine each day with the sun. Hues reflect in light differently so be sure to test various paint strips with your lighting. Yellow walls encourage a light and airy feel where red walls intensify the energy. Incorporate geometric patterns on drapes or comforters to keep dimension and shape to the atmosphere.

If you want to promote health and healing in your room, integrate purple, especially for the walls. Integrate complimentary color, yellow, as it reflects light differently and promotes a dynamic, vibrant look while exuding the calm and healing atmosphere. Purple is a fun color so integrate various hues with your pillows, sheets or drapes. Green lamps add dynamic to keep the room fresh yet calm.

Neutral / Modern 
Do you have neutral personality? Many “nuetralites” find the modern theme comforting. Many modern themes integrate gray or various shades of white and black. Accents of neutral colors or gray walls exude a cool yet calm atmosphere, which is why many people gravitate toward neutral rooms. Neutral colors make small rooms appear larger. Keep walls a basic gray color and utilize darker drapes, lighter sheets and pillows to match the color of the drapes.

Lovebirds and bachelors alike set the scene with a color boost. A moonlight color scheme is effective to exude that atmosphere. The moonlight color scheme includes black, various hues of gray and purple and deep tones of magenta or red. Many people keep the love in the air with darker sheets and comforters – purple and black. For the sweet-at-heart feel incorporate pastels including aqua, sweet pea, pastel pink, lemon yellow, citrus green and white. Keep walls that pastel blue with a white comforter for the girl-next-door feel.

1970’s London
Time travelers get ready to go back in time and get in style with retro pop colors. Stripe the wall that has your bed with aqua blue, turquoise, raspberry red, citrus colors and leave the other walls white. Use a white comforter with a funky shaped lamp and pillow sheets that reflect a color from your wall stripes. The classiest Seventies décor incorporated lots of white, so don’t be afraid, white is good.

Sea Lovers
If life is better under the sea, than make use of those blues, greens and accent colors. For a coral reef theme, keep the small items like pillows, lamps or rugs with warm colors to “pop” out the feeling. Artists may want to incorporate the under the sea theme on the walls with fish, bubbles or other marine life.