Bedroom Artwork Design


Bedroom Artwork Design

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Paintings, pictures, posters, tapestries and sculptures. Art expresses itself in various styles, colors and forms. When decorating your bedroom, choose art that expresses the true form of the energy and mood. Below are design tips for various bedroom styles and themes.

European Elegance
Love history and Europe? So does art. Paintings and sculptures work best to express the European flavor and mood. Paintings of café life, architecture or ballerina dancers exude the essence of Europe. Although there are many eras of Europe, stick to one era, or geographical region, for consistency. If the budget allows, frame photos with the class golden frame. Contemporary to ancient history, sculptures of ballerinas or Greek Gods work well on night stands, dressers and bookshelves.

Want to express yourself the right way? Select photographs of your favorite memories to display throughout the room. Dressers and bookshelves work well with various sized and style frames. Square, circle, 8×10 and 5×7’s give flat surfaces dimension. Decorate the wall with various size and landscape and portrait photos. Or choose from the many pre-made wall photo frames that give texture and shape. Select frames based on your color scheme and mood. Wood, black, silver and textured frames exude style for black and white photos.

Earthy Style
Earth lovers have lots of options to choose from. Feminine, chic rooms should choose from flowery paintings, and hang these paintings over the bed. Garden lovers choose from garden theme paintings or nature and landscape photography. Macro shots of your favorite nature image brings the room alive. Choose from three to six images of various sizes and hang on the wall to express your inner-garden theme.

Modern-Hotel Style
White walls with black and white paintings work best in this design. If you want a splash of color, choose a painting that expresses a tint of red in the image. These style of paintings come in the best of shapes and sizes. Abstract, nature, leaves and city scape come alive with this color scheme. For a unique decoration, choose the three to four part paintings, and space evenly to frame bed and exposed walls.

Organic Contemporary
If you like the best of both worlds, then this style is for you. Organic means something different to everyone, but usually expresses subtle hues of nature in its color scheme. Artsy mirrors such as a golden sun or paintings of octopuses or a pink elephant explores the best of both worlds. Paintings work best, feel free to choose from a variety of prints to express what you love most.

Urban Retreat
City goers decorate rooms with various styles and designs. Go modern with two rows of six or seven smaller paintings that include various brush stroke styles. Choose simple abstract paintings that include horizontal, diagonal, and vertical brush strokes, as well as some circles. Display various colors to expose true urban flavor and unpredictability.