Bare Your Sole: Top Minimalist Shoes for Active Feet


Bare Your Sole: Top Minimalist Shoes for Active Feet

Posted by  on July 11, 2013 at 5:00 am

The minimalist shoe craze has got everyone by their bare-feet. From trails to roads, active feet need to be protected, but with which shoe? There’s no need to worry as there is a shoe for every arch and Morton’s toe. Get ready to grip, or wiggle, your toes into something new, light, airy and fresh.

Vibram FiveFingers Bikila
Known to be the top shoe on the market, these 5.7 ounce shoes will make you feel like your running on Cloud 9. These shoes encourage forefoot striking and the insole is thickest under the ball of the foot. Explore the true natural running experience, but just to make sure you are safe out in the wild, the shoes are fully equipped with reflective surfaces. Men and women shoes are available.

Merril Barefoot Run Trail Glove
From meadows to streams, your feet will glide through nature while staying protected. The lightweight shoes fit like a glove and protect feet against cold conditions. The shoe also features an anti-microbial lining and a thin mid and outsole.  The strong traction says goodbye to slips and hello to moist surfaces. Hmm waterfall jogging anyone?  Men look out for the Barefoot Run Trail Glove 2.  Women check out the Barefoot Trail Run Ascend Glove Gore-tex.

New Balance New Minimus 1010 Road
Road runners, get ready for your new ride, the New Minimus 1010 Road. This product is a fusion of barefoot running and traditional shoe design.  There is a 4 mm drop between heel to toe, and is perfectly designed for the neutral runner. If you have chronic pain or gait issues, this shoe is your solution to perform better, feel healthier and look snazzy in these funky colors.

Vivo Barefoot Ultra
Ladies and gentleman, get ready for one amphibious experience when you hit the beach, boat, water or road. It’s a combination between a cage and a sock and keeps feet protected whether on land or at sea. The shoe comes with a removable sock to either be worn alone in the shoe. The shoe is secured tightly with an elastic cord and lock-lacing system. Keep proprioception grounded even if you are walking on water.

ZEMGEAR 2Cinch – Athletic Cross-Fitness
ZEMGear stands for the zone of endless motion where new possibilities of life can be explored. These uni-sexAthletic Cross-Ftiness shoes are lightweight and have air mesh comfort, which are perfect for breathable summer pursuits. It features techlace adjustability and optimal lateral stability. The rubber outsole consists of Phylon and Green Grip and a PORON performance cushioning sole.