Bamboo Clothing: Earth’s Favorite Eco-Wear

Bamboo Clothing: Earth’s Favorite Eco-wear

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Bamboo is known for many decorative features from hardwood floors to feng shui lucky plants. But now these shiny green stalks are taking a new leap into the world of fashion. Comfortable and soft, this new generation of fiber is sustainable and chic. From yoga pants to snarky shawls, these are the coolest and most sustainable, breathable and comfortable eco-wear around.

Raw Threads Athletics 
Raw Threads, bringing fashion into sports, features a variety of stylish activewear pieces for men and women. From trendy pants to notable descriptive tops, Raw Threads offers everything from tanks, tees, pants, hoodies and headbands. Their material consist of organic and spf 50+ fibers to wick moisture, maintain breathability and regulates core temperature. This is your one-stop shop for ultra soft, comfortable eco-friendly gear. It only takes one item, then you’ll be hooked for a lifetime.

Give your feet love and some moisture control. These green, biodegradable socks are thermo-regulating, which means cool summer feet and warm winter toes. With over 100 styles to choose from, these socks feature cushioned areas and arch support. Best of all, these socks are made in the USA and provide the best pesticide-free bamboo material to maintain happy feet.

The Pashmina Store
Shawls and scarfs are a women’s second best friend, behind diamonds. Bamboo pashmina shawls keep ladies looking and feeling cool. They consist of 80% bamboo and 20% cashmere. Handmade in Nepal, this fair trade product comes in nine different colors. With natural protection from UV rays, the bamboo fibers are technically biodegradable.

From fashion to patio furniture, BambooKi features a variety of household, office, clothing and beauty products. But nothing beats the Bamboo bike, wetsuit or longboard. Yes, for just a few thousand dollars you can stroll the streets with your bamboo clothes on your one-of-a-kind badass bamboo bike. And don’t forget the bamboo water bottle to stay hydrated, because that is so eco-cool. In fact, you can re-design your house and wardrobe with the site alone.

Green Earth Bamboo
Ancient tree meets modern style for him, her, baby and home. From dresses to outwear, these clothes integrate the best blend of organic bamboo and cotton fibers. Need a soft night at sleep? Look no further than the bamboo bedding that allows you to catch up on your Zzz’s and awake with style. For the feminine lady, show off your curves with the Harper Skirt by Yala. With three different colors, you’ll be sure to strut your pear shape in this awesome bamboo pencil skirt.