Asian Inspired Design Ideas


Asian Inspired Design Ideas

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When done correctly, an Asian inspired bedroom is a stress-free, private sanctuary of soothing colors, comfortable sheets and calming atmosphere. Asian inspired designs do not break the bank, so do not feel you need spend a pretty penny on brand new furniture. Two important concepts to consider is to keep plenty of clear space and choose your favorite color scheme. With these two concepts, you’ll be ready to meditate your way to sound, deep sleep.

Japanese Style
Traditional style mattresses sit low to the ground, which is known as a tatami bed. Place a shoji screen as a headboard to enhance a clean aesthetic and atmosphere. To enhance the lighting, place a spotlight or tube lighting behind the screen, between the wall, and point the light upwards. Place a paper lantern on one side of the bed. On the other side, place your favorite Buddha statute or rock garden to enhance the ambiance.

Natural Wood
Many Asian themes include natural woods such as bamboo, raffia or straw. Include these inexpensive materials in the flooring, walls, and ceilings or as accessories. Wood floors work well with bamboo or goza mat. Or reverse the style and place these mats on the ceiling. Wooden canopy bed frames are perfect for those who crave that extra bout of privacy. For those who do not want to cover a room in wood, go with accessories instead such as wooden picture frames, Buddha states or woven baskets.

Indian Style
For those who have visited an Indian market, know that India’s  bold with their color choices. Choose traditional Indian bedding, comforter, and pillowcases to showcase an old fashioned look. Handmade tapestries, often multi-colored with beaded hand stitched designs, illuminate as a headboard artwork. Showcase your favorite incense burner on your nightstand. Get some  shuteye with traditional drapes to accent the color of your bedding.

Not-so-traditional Thai
Chic + Thai = zenned out designs. Choose a lower or wooden bed frame with painted art on the wall. Choose from bamboo or traditional Asian floral escapes to evoke a luxurious, exotic paradise. Compliment the look with elegant fibers such as raw silk or fine cotton damask.

Modern, Colorful Asian
Want the best of ancient and modern design? Pain the walls a blue-green color and choose modern, cream-colored comforter. Accent the bed with Brown and red geometric printed design with a bold, red lampshade adjacent to the bed. Choose ancient art as the headboard such as a traditional Japanese swan art, hinted with red to match the lampshade and pillow. The bold colors tie the room together while keeping everything funky, modern and fresh.

Eco-friendly is the name of this inner-world game. Choose bamboo bedding with prints of your liking. Tapestries work well as artwork above the bed. Place your yoga center near a window to obtain plenty of natural light. In the corner, keep your important belongings such a Tibetan singing bowl, Ganesh statue and incense burner. Keep your mat clean with a meditation pillow nearby for decoration and well, meditation.