America’s Most Iconic Drives

America’s Most Iconic Drives

Posted by  on June 7, 2013 at 5:00 am

Looking to plan a road trip this summer? Well look no further. These popular routes cruise through some of America’s most magnificent landscapes, shorelines, mountains and meadows. So whether you drive your clunker or rent some hot-wheels, you’ll sure have that car-commercial experience, you, the road and classic America.

going to the sun road
Going-to-the-Sun Road | Montana

This breathtaking 50-mile drive sweeps you the majestic, Glacier National Park. The road is closed during the winter months; therefore, the summer is breath-taking and the most ideal season. The route features the famous Logan Pass consisting of flowered meadows filled with mountain goats at 6,646 feet in elevation.

columbia river scenic highway
Columbia River Scenic Highway | Oregon

The best sights between Columbia Gorge and Portland, Oregon are found on this road. From mountains to waterfalls this route features the best of the pine-coned Northwest. In historic times, sections of this freeway were the last leg of Lewis and Clark’s expedition and part of the Oregon Trail. Be careful during winter months for ice, the wet and damp weather is known for icing the road.

route 66
Route 66 | Illinois to California

The cliché, but popular 2,000 mile route, is part of good ‘ol American culture. The most scenic area of the trip starts in Arizona, near the Grand Canyon. Drive by desert plateaus, gold mines and the popular Colorado River.  Be sure to keep a full tank as some gas stations maybe far and few between.

highway 12
Highway 12 | Utah

See the best of Utah as you drive from Bryce Canyon to Capitol Reef National Park, or vice versa. Drivers are treated to a site-ful of sedimentary stone colors to forests of juniper. The 124 miles features memorable landscapes through some of Utah’s most popular sites.

pacific coast highway
Pacific Coast Highway | California

California’s Route 1 is one of America’s most popular route for tourists and car commercials. Stretching from “So-Cal” to the forests of Northern Cali, drivers experience a variety of landscapes and cultures. Spend time in the Big Sur to Monterey Region to view some of the best coastlines in the America.

overseas highway
Overseas Highway | Florida

From Miami to Key West, drivers are treated to a 120 miles of shoreline, sea and sun. The aqua-blue sea fills the horizon and brightens driver’s sunny disposition. Stop at Island Islamadora for a swim with the dolphins at the Theatre of Sea.

million dollar highway
Million Dollar Highway | Colorado

This is one of country’s highest highways. Get a bird’s eye view of the stunning landscape as you drive at tree line. The freeway runs from Ouray to Silverton. When the road forms with the San Juan highway, drivers “climb” more than two miles above sea level.

cascades loop
Cascades Loop Highway | Washington

Get the best of the Puget Sound as you leave from the concrete jungle of Seattle to Highway 2 that features lush forests and apple orchards. Scenic Highway 20 features a one-of-a-kind drive through the North Cascades with plenty of hiking options located off the main freeway.