Energy Healing

Elizabeth is a Certified Reiki Master and perStephen_Matera_9-8-13_39C4099forms Reiki and Energy Healing.

What is Reiki?
Rei – “Universal” meaning Spirit or Soul
ki – Meaning Vital Life Force Energy

Reiki is a non-demonitational hands on healing, which uses the natural Life-Force energy. This universal energy has a consciousness of its own and knows exactly where to provide the energy first either in the mental, emotional or physical body. Everything in the world is comprised of energy and humans constantly ingest and expend energy at all hours of the day. Modern day living of long days at work and technology use zaps energy quicker than we realize in our restless society. ┬áTherefore, onset issues of fatigue, pain, illness and disease are signs that there is either a lack of energy, or “stuckness,” of energy within the body. And where that energy is stuck is important so analyze your life and emotions. When viewing sacred, spiritual anatomy, emotions affect the motion / posture of the body as well as a message. A message to either “wake up” change paths or overcome fears when linked to a specific chakra. Reiki has nothing but positive intentions, sending the upmost light, love and healing to make you whole and complete. The bodymind is capable of self-healing and Reiki is one of those tools to help you get you where you need to be.

Elizabeth will assist to clear the past and work on your present and future healing through various techniques. Rebalance your chakras and strengthen your aura as Elizabeth works on various techniques incorporating pendulums, crystals, tibetan singing bowls or saging. Kovar can track pain and works with the emotional component to help you release what your subconsciously trying to hold onto. Her intuition guides her with messages and to physically feel the pain or emotional state of your current situation – this is what also guides her to where you need healing.

Stephen_Matera_9-8-13_39C3817Don’t live in Seattle? No Problem. Distance healing is also available. This can be done either remotely or met via Skype / FaceTime. Kovar can feel the cranial sacral pulses in the body, and she can feel these pulses from a distance to help guide her on what areas to work. Yes it is true, energy and consciousness can be sent around the world. Sounds skeptical? Think of energy and consciousness like a text message and cell phone reception. In the matter of clicking the “send” button the message is sent and often received instantly. But what’s better is that energy and consciousness moves faster than the speed of light.

While living in Seattle, Elizabeth has sent energy to clients located in Ohio, California, London and India. Distance healing are generally 30 minutes and in-person appointments are 60 minutes. To schedule an appointment, please contact Elizabeth.