A Walking Tour of Unter den Linden: Berlin’s Most Prominent & Historical Street

Berlin, the quirky and eccentric city that is, is known for it’s “poor but sexy” vibe. It is one of Germany’s most popular tourist cities, but ironically Berlin doesn’t fit the vibe for traditional Germany.

Sadly, World War II bombs blasted the city, leaving it ruins. Thanks to the “beauty” of 1950’s architecture, Berlin is a combination of the beautiful, the bold and the “fugly.” Post World War II architecture, in my opinion, isn’t the most glamorous style ever created.  Combined with communist architecture, it’s no wonder why Berlin is a world of its own.

The Lemon Tree loves all things citrus. If your German is rusty, you may not realize that “Unter den Linden” translates to “underneath the lime trees.” Although limes do not exist, one can feel the  deep roots of this city’s remarkable history.

Today, Unter den Linden is Berlin’s most prominent and historic boulevard. The initial use was for a bridle path in 1573 and onwards that led from the city palace to Lietzow. In 1701, new architecture emerged alongside the street. And as fate had it during WW2, Unter den Linden was left in complete ruins.

Let’s take a walk together and discover the best sites, landmarks and statues along Unter den Linden.

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