8 Secrets to Decorating a Bedroom


8 Secrets to Decorating a Bedroom

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Need inspiration on new bedroom designs? Get ready to transform your bedroom into a stylish sanctuary boasting with relaxation and class. The best part is that you don’t need to remodel your bedroom, but follow these simple and easy tips to rearrange a chic style and design.

Pile on the Pillows
Do you love hotel beds because they look ultra relaxing? That is because of the inviting pillow pile that awaits your tired eyes. Don’t be shy and mix patterns, designs, sizes and geometric shape.

Fill Wall Space
Say goodbye to big white walls and hello to artsy design. Above your bed pin up a quilt, tapestry or painting over the head of the bed. It is best to choose an arrangement that near matches the color scheme of your bed. This ties the linens and artwork together.

Get Printed Pieces
From lampshades to flower vases, work the print pattern off the bedsheets and onto the nightstand. This gives the room edge and design.

Use a Rug
For those with large rooms or attached bathrooms, use a real rug to tie the room together. The rugs can go in your “living” area or in front of the bathtub. Hardwood floor rooms can also place the rug adjacent to the bed and nightstand. The choice is yours!

Layer with Color
If you choose a bedroom color, layer different shades throughout the room. Choose various hues from the wall, rug, comforter, drapes and other decorations. Use textures and tones throughout to stimulate the eye and relax the mind.

Use Personalized Photos as Art
Love photography? Make your room more personal with your life’s journey. Choose various sized frames to rearrange on the wall or bookshelves. Horizontal and vertical frames are recommended for the wall scape theme.

Pick a Plant
Nature is therapeutic. Whether you want a small bamboo or a large fern, choose a plant for that empty corner, window sill or nightstand.

Express Your Style
Your bedroom should be all about you. Do you love flowers? Are you a city slicker? Do you live a zen lifestyle? Your design should reflect your inner self. This includes wall color, comforter, decorations and lighting.