8 of the Best Watchdog Breeds for the Family


8 of the Best Watchdog Breeds for the Family

All dogs are watchdogs, but some dogs have inherent watchdog traits. Many people use “watch” and “guard” interchangeably with dogs, but there’s actually one key difference: watch dogs alarm families when perceived danger is present, but a guard dog will alarm and do something about it. Many watch dogs are miniature breeds, such as the Chihuahua, and are not chosen based on size; many guard dogs are large enough breeds that they instill fear and intimidation on a potential intruder. If you’re looking for a dog who will help protect your family, these are some of the best watch dog breeds.

Boston Terrier
These small creatures are one of the few pure American breeds. These dogs are friendly, but protective over their home and family. With big ears and bulging eyes, Boston terriers will bark and alarm owners when they sense a stranger or something not right near the home.

This small dog makes up for its size with its bark. Although most weigh a hefty five pounds, these little dogs will yap their voice ceaselessly signaling a stranger is present near the home.

Norwegian Elkhound
This breed is descended from the dogs who once served the Vikings. Born with tough blood and solid genes, the Norwegian Elkhound is a bold, courageous, and athletic breed. If they have the guts to track moose, bear, and other creatures, they’ll certainly be brave if a stranger is walking near the home.

German Shepherd
If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, the German Shepherd is that breed. They are patient with a calm demeanor, but when a situation comes, German Shepherds have no problem taking action. When your family goes to bed, this dog changes from the playful family dog to the guardian of the house. Their ability to detach themselves from distractions and focus on their job is one of the reasons why German Shepherds work so well in police and military forces.

Irish Setter
Friendly and energetic, these loyal dogs won’t hesitate to alert their owner when a stranger lurks around the house. Although large, Irish Setters are not ones to attack like a German shepherd; they are better watch dogs, so don’t have any high expectations beyond barking.Leashes-Water-5

Giant Schnauzer
Intelligent, alert and courageous, there are no better qualities to have in a watchdog. This breed is quick to learn and responds well with commands. Loyal to the heart, they make good family pets and are sure to remain strong if something suspicious occurs.

Airedale Terrier
Airedales are the largest of the terrier breed. This breed is a perfect family dog and does well with children; they’re also great at warning you when danger might be near.

Argentine Mastiff
This breed is strong and intelligent, loyal and protective. They have very strong jaws, but don’t worry—if they know you, you shouldn’t have any problems. Despite their even temper, this breed can become aggressive toward other dogs.

©istockphoto/Ryhor Bruyeu
©istockphoto/Ryhor Bruyeu