8 Favorite Places for Vegetarian & Vegan Food in Madrid

Madrid has no shortage of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and cafes. A chic and classy city, don’t expect the hole-in-the-wall joints chocked full of alternative, tatted-up hipsters.  Having good health is a part of the European lifestyle and mindset, and with that said, the plant-based industry is forever growing. Madrid features a combination of vegetarian and vegan only restaurants alongside with various veggie options at specific tapas restaurants.

Be sure to double-check the hours of each restaurant, as siesta is part of the culture. Most places open for dinner around 8-9:00pm and close around midnight to one in the morning. And like most big cities, Madrid is not cheap, so be sure to have plenty of euros in your pocket, specifically for the three-course menu of the day, which is common in Spain.

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