7 Vacations for a Cause

7 Vacations for a Cause

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As the world progresses, people are looking for new ways to give back. Volunteer vacations are gaining popularity and tourists are escaping the daily grind to do something meaningful for society. Whether you want to bath with elephants, build a Buddhist monastery or work in an orphanage, vacation for a cause on your next trip. Lend your helping hands and discover a new definition towards vacationing.

Build a Buddhist Monastery | Nepal
Restoration Works International assists communities around the world to restore their cultural heritage. No special skills are needed, but love hearing from individuals with carpentry, archaeology, architecture and construction experience. To go to Nepal, join the Chhairo Gompa Project. RWI is on the National Geographic’s Top 10 Volunteer Vacation list.

Save Sea Turtles | Costa Rica
See the World features a seven-day Costa Rica Leatherback Vacation. Throughout this time volunteers participate to conserve the ancient, giant sea turtles. Visitors get a full day of training at the research center and spend four nights patrolling beach for sea turtle and monitoring the nests. During the day, either relax, visit the Turtle Museum or help out in the egg hatchery – the choice is yours!

Bottle-feed African Wildlife | Africa
British based travel company, Amanzi Travel Limited, is here to save the remaining 15,000 lions left in Africa.  Visitors have the opportunity to work with big cats, including bottle-feeding cubs, zebras or monkeys.  Beyond big cats, projects include working with elephants, giraffes, monkeys, horses or great white sharks – to name a few.  With various projects available, Amanzi offers something for every volunteer.

Rehabilitate Elephants | Thailand
Next time you go to Thailand, bath with the elephants at Elephant Nature Park. Location in Chiang Mai, this award-winning sanctuary and rescue center is home to 35 elephants. Volunteers help feed and bath the elephants and share elephant secrets with the staff. Volunteer opportunities are offered year round.

Restore Hiking Trails | United States
The American Hiking Society is looking for passionate outdoor volunteers to restore and maintain trails throughout the US. Visiting diverse trails around the states, volunteers work with a crew of six to 15 people and sleep at campsites or lodging. Day hiking or backpacking maybe required.

Community Work in the Amazon | Ecuador
Volunteers with Fundacion Ecuador Volunteer work in native communities with goals to preserve the rainforest and local culture. Leaders may build houses, identify local plant life or maintain the botanical gardens. Get ready to live the locals, spread culture and save the sacred land.

Dance the Day Away | Romania
Projects Abroad features various options, including the performing arts. Volunteers may visit Jamaica, Romania or Bolivia. However, in Romania your dance projects are based in the center of medieval, Brasov. Follow your heart and your passion with dance therapy, teaching dance for the disabled.