7 European Cities Best Seen from the Water

From Panama Jack — April 15, 2015 at 5:00 am

7 European Cities Best Seen from the Water


europewaterMost people expect to walk or bike while visiting European cities, but what about cities located on the water? Some European cities have historic roots along canals, rivers and ocean sides. Get ready to kayak and sail alongside Europe’s historical architecture and landscapes; photographers, grab your fish-eye lens, for a one of a kind view of Europe’s cities best seen from the water.

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Venice, Italy
Venice, “The City of Canals,” has become synonymous with gondola rides. Gondola rides were once the main mode of transportation here, but now are on all Venice vacation bucket lists. Gondola ride aren’t cheap, but the prices do vary dependent on what time of year you go, and the fares are almost always more expensive at night.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most popular biking cities—so skip the two wheels and jump into a kayak. But why kayak? City planners built Amsterdam between canals, and connected it with many low bridges. These canals aren’t accessible via boat, but kayaking Amsterdam allows paddlers to experience the “nook and cranny” canals.

Cannes, France
The French Riviera is an aquatic playground for the rich and the famous. For several thousand Euros, visitors rent private boats or yachts to sail the Mediterranean coastline. While at sea, yachters view turquoise seas, rolling hills, and quaint seaside cafes. A popular route includes sailing north toward Nice where stereotypical Mediterranean views of palm trees and white sand shorelines.cannes

Copenhagen, Denmark
Long, slender, snake-like boats whiz through Copenhagen’s canals and open waters. Along these canals you can see the historic and modern sites, including the parliament building and the biosphere coffee shop. Go in warmer weather for a windowless view.Copenhagen Denmark

Greek Islands
The Greek islands offer countless stunning views from the sea. Instead of choosing only one island, you can view several with an island hopping tour. Tours and day trips operate different routes. A popular route from Athens includes Mykonos, Paros, Ios and Santorini. If you crave sun-drenched decks and rolling surf, then an island-hopping trip is perfect.greek

Naples, Italy
Naples is the quintessential Italian city. Imagine pizza pies served at seaside cafes and laundry drying in open-air windows. Also, water taxis transport people from hotels, waterfront shopping, and dining destinations. The shuttles are affordable and a perfect sightseeing experience.naples

Ibiza, Spain
Ibiza offers plenty of water sport activities—Jet skis, yachts, boats, parasailing and fly boards are some of the more popular ones. Take a ferry to Palma de Mallorca, Valencia or Barcelona for a several-hour cruise at sea. Between May and October, partiers can book one of the many party boat tours entertained by a resident DJ.ibiza