7 DIY Earth Day Home Activities

7 DIY Earth Day Home Activities

Posted by  on April 22, 2013 at 5:00 am

edOne day, every year, we are reminded to do something good for the planet. This day is known as Earth Day. As climate changes, people are more aware than ever before about how the human footprint affects the planet. Earth Day celebrates sustainable actions, and sometimes it is the smallest changes that make the biggest impact. Below are simple, do-it-yourself activities that are kind to mother-earth within the comfort of your home.

Grow Herbs
Herbs are healthy and a tasty addition to meals. Growing your favorite herbs saves money from buying them in store and reduces additional plastic packaging to sell them in store. Don’t have a garden or small space in yard? No problem, herbs are simple to grow in a small pot. All you need are seeds, dirt, pot and sunny window sill.

Pickup Trash on your Street
Walking benefits health in various ways. Why not walk and clean the earth? All you need is a bag and some gloves and there you are combining exercise and being proactive toward litter damaging the soil or neighborhood critters’ homes.

Wasted food is a waste for world hunger, but also for landfills and garbage bags. This earth day take your daily food scraps and throw it in the garden, woods or backyard bushes. Scraps include fruit peels and seeds, vegetables, meat scraps and bones, coffee grounds, grains and bread.

Stop Junk Mail 
Trees are a precious resource, and it is time humans save trees one eco-bill at a time. Go digital this earth day by switching post mail bills to eco-bills. Also, if your home receives piles of junk mail, go to the Mail Preference Service and register your contact information to be taken off junk-mailing lists.

Eat Local
Sign up for a local food co-op vegetable delivery service. Options run in various box sizes and prices, but each week you are delivered a box of seasonal fruits and vegetables right to your front door. Or, this is not directly at home, purchase local foods at a small business health food store or farmer’s market and enjoy a fresh meal at home. Local food not only supports local businesses, but these foods are fresher as they did not have to be frozen, shipped or created with high amounts of pesticides.

Get Literate
Fire up Netflix or Youtube for an earth-friendly, educational movie. From Disney’s Earth to popular Youtube video, Thrive: What on Earth will it take?, there are boundless opportunities about nature, climate change, wildlife and oceans. The more aware people are the more likely people are to stick to earth-friendly habits.

Make Earth-Friendly Goals
If you think sustainable, it is time to act sustainable. Some ideas include turning off the water while you brush your teeth, cleaning with earth-friendly products or hang-dry your wet laundry. People need to realize that one person makes a difference and it is time to make one change in your household.