6 Things You’ll Discover from Reading Finding Om


After two and a half years of thinking, writing and revising, Finding Om is out to the world. It feels amazing and surreal at the same time. Like any memoir, you will journey through the highs and lows of my mind, life and travel experiences.

As a spiritual person, I believe we can all learn from each other. And I believe that my memoir differs from many of the popular memoirs on the market. Here are six reasons why.

It’s Beautiful and Wise
Throughout the development of my writing; I discovered I naturally express wisdom. I can’t help it, but I think its part of who I am. I’m ideal, but I’m also real. So in my memoir, I don’t hold anything back about the self-discovery process. I write how hitting the lowest part of my life ended up being the best thing that could have happened to me. People relate to real stories. You too will journey with me on everything that I learned in Australia, India and with my yoga guru, and discover how ancient wisdom can change the world for the better.

It’s Raw and Authentic
I had problems. A lot of them. When one problem hit the fan, everything else spiraled out of control until I hit rock bottom. After I left Australia, my problems heightened, as I didn’t know how to relate to my culture. From body image to peer pressure, I couldn’t handle things anymore. No one understood my outlook in life and the only solution doctors could give me were anti-depressant pills. I felt alone. I felt afraid. I felt trapped in a fucking cage while my mind spun up, down and around every problem and narcissistic issue. The only thing that kept me from deep-dark depression or leaving the planet was my mind, hope and love for travel. I had to overcome many society labels and escape negative environments in order to heal myself at 22 years of age.

If I had to guess you have problems too.  You’ll discover that some of my stories may relate to your life. If so, hopefully you’ll be able to pull yourself from your own situation the same way I did with strengthening my mind, body and soul.

You’ll Catch the Travel Bug
From surfing in Australia to encountering palm readers in India, you’ll ride the same magic carpet that I did. The one thing I’ve kept a priority in my life is to fulfill my existence with adventure and exploring the most of every culture. You’ll see how I compare and contrast Australia, India and the USA. After being scammed while being in the country for fifteen minutes, I evolved to a different type of traveler.

If you’ve always wanted to visit India, you’ll journey through the best, worst and funniest moments. But the conversations were some of the most important parts with the locals in Australia and India. Whenever the ocean of chai was present, I kept my eyes and heart open to the world and its lessons.

Seriously, the Highs and Lows of India
Like I said above, I hold nothing back. From dancing at a 3,000-person Indian wedding to locking myself in a dungy hotel room crying about loneliness, I reveal every emotion about each experience.

You Learn How to Let Go
Letting go is hard. I had to let go of a lot of things through the three years depicted in the book. That is not easy between the age of 20-22 when alcohol (and drugs) are the main coping mechanisms to ease pain. While in Australia and India, traveling taught me how to let go. I lost friends, lovers, family members, money, my health, life but never my spirit. I had to let go of certain things such as alcohol, sex and negative people to heal my mind and body.

We all have to walk away from something and lose great loves in our life. It’s not easy but important on a path of self-discovery and ascension.  If you can relate to any of these, you must read Finding Om.

Expand Your Consciousness
It’s no secret the world is a difference place now a days. It may seem hard, dark and dreary. But, the world is a beautiful in many ways and the world contains plenty of amazing people. You just need to open your heart and believe it.  Since 2010 I have taught an online yoga class for Walla Walla Community College. I teach the eight limbs of yoga and most claim it’s the best class at WWCC because they learn about themselves. You’ll travel through everything I learned. If you have interest in the subject you will get two birds with one stone – an incredibly crazy journey mixed with ancient wisdom.

Learning about yoga is not limited to prospective instructors who can pay ten thousand dollars for training. It is your birthright to be happy, healthy and free. Yoga has been one of the most revolutionary experiences of my life because your brain and thoughts change from practicing yoga. My gift is to share this information with the world. If you are bogged down with kids, mortgage and a car payment, you too can have the chance to vicariously travel and study yoga.

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