6 Quick and Easy Cool Summer Appetizer Ideas

6 Quick and Easy Cool Summer Appetizer Ideas

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Most Susie-Homemakers enjoy wining and dining guests. Summer is the time where hot weather rules and the body needs to stay cool. These quick-and-easy appetizer and beverage ideas keep the atmosphere chilled without breaking the bank. The next time you host your friends for a barbeque or a summer tiki party, check out these simple, yet creative, ideas and recipes.

Fruit Ice Cubes
If you enjoy fruit-infused or flavored water, these fruit ice cubes are the hit at your next summertime event. First, choose your favorite fruit flavor (berries and meaty fruit works well—not bananas). Take an ice cube tray and mash up your favorite fruit in the tray. Freeze for several hours and serve in your favorite water glasses.

Tri-Colored Fruit Balls
For this simple party favor purchase a cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon. With a small ice cream scooper, scoop out the melon. In the bowl, add the melon balls either mixed together or make layers of each color. Serve with fruit chilled.

Caprese Skewers
Go Italian, on a stick. What you’ll need are basil leaves (small pieces or leaves cut in half), half-sliced mozzarella balls and sugar plum tomatoes. On a skewer, place a tomato, basil and mozzarella slice. Continue to repeat the sequence and once the skewers are finished, marinate on a sheet with oil and balsamic vinaigrette for an hour before serving. Add salt, pepper and oregano to the oil if desired.

Homemade Fruit Smoothie Popsicles
In a blender places two cups of your favorite frozen fruit (berries work best), one cup of your preferred milk (or juice) and one frozen banana. Blend the ingredients together and place into Popsicle molds. Insert the stick and freeze until hardened. Once frozen, enjoy the flavor!

Summer’s Best Salad
In a bowl mix together chopped cucumber, red pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper, corn kernels (thawed or cooked), shredded carrot and fresh mozzarella pieces. Mix together and dress with your favorite dressing or with oil, salt, pepper and Italian spices.

Watermelon Feta Bites
For this recipe you’ll need watermelon, basil leaves and feta. Cube the watermelon and feta. On a tray, place cubed pieces of watermelon. Place a basil leaf on top of the watermelon and then top with a piece of feta. For an easier-to-eat option, skewer the pieces with a toothpick.