6 Outdoor Trips that are Worth Every Penny


6 Outdoor Trips that are Worth Every Penny

Have you ever dreamed of watching grizzly bears hunt for salmon? Or would “die” to heli-ski the snowcapped peaks in British Columbia? Are you holding back from conquering these dreams because of your pocketbook? If so, the good news, is that these outrageous and adventurous excursions are worth every penny.

Grizzly Bear Watching at Brooks Falls – Katmai National Park, Alaska
Every mountain man has a secret love for bears. Although grizzly bears are not the traditional honey-pot cuddle-toy, watching these animals live in their natural habitat is a one-of-kind sight. Brooks Falls is one of the most popular destinations as its common to find grizzlies hunting the local salmon. Four-hour day trips start around $550 and run up to several day and several thousand-dollar packages. This live event beats any footage seen on National Geographic TV.

Heli-Skiing – British Columbia, Canada
Every skier dreams of conquering some of the most intense, and beautiful, slopes. Thankfully, BC has no shortage of ski opportunities, which translates to backcountry adventures with heli-skiing. Skiers are lifted thousands of feet in the air and released to some of the most primitive powder. Whether skiers master Whistler or surmount Golden, heli-skiing BC is one of the most adventurous outings in the region. Three-run day-trip packages start around $900.

Scuba Dive with Whale Sharks – Australia
Snorkelers and divers experience the ultimate diving experience with one of the largest beasts of the sea. These gentle creatures are commonly found throughout various Australian coastlines, but Perth is a popular region, thanks to the cooler Indian Ocean waters. Day trips start around $385 per person, but well worth exploring the waters with one of the most majestic, and rare, creatures of the sea.

Summiting Mount Everest – Nepal
The 29,035-foot summit awaits the bold and daring mountaineers. Summiting just below airline cruising altitude is an adventure that only a handful of people will experience in this lifetime.  For those who come out alive, they say the expenses are worth every penny. Price fees range, but popular group, Alpine Ascents International offer packages ranging from $10-85,000. The trip is risky, personally and financially, but conquering this mountain is a once in a lifetime experience.

Photographing Aurora Borealis – Lapland
Nature and photography enthusiasts are star-struck as they watch the Northern Lights in Aurora’s premier destination. Several-day Aurora Lapland tours start around €1,300 per person. Various trips include other adventurous outings such as dogsledding and visiting the famous ICE Hotel. Travelers must also purchase airfare and gear on top of price fee.

Volcano Bungee – Chile
If you’ve got $10,000 to spare and a wallet full of guts, plunge out of a helicopter over an active raging volcano. Jumpers plunge from a 350-foot bungee cord, 700 feet into the volcano’s bubbling crater to catch a bird’s eye view of the molten hot lava. Villarrica Volcano is located outside of Pucon, flying approximately 35 miles to reach the volcano.