6 Methods Ancient People Used to Keep Positive Energy Flowing

6 Methods Ancient People Used to Keep Positive Energy Flowing

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Believe it or not, ancient methods are still popular with modern living especially when it comes to space clearing. Keep positive energy flowing throughout the home, and your bedroom, with certain tools and techniques, some of which are thousands of years old. Positive energy lifts the home’s liveliness and enhances your mood, attitude, and endeavors. To keep the most optimal energy flowing throughout your home, follow these techniques and methods below.

Sage Bundles
Saging, also known as smudging, is a popular bundle of herbs to space clear and release negative energy from a room or person. It has long been noted as a Native American ritual to remove negative spirits and entities from their home or people. Sage sticks are found in “New Age” shops or online. The sticks are dried sage bundled together into a stick form. Light the top of the sage and blow out any lit leaves and walk around your room or home to sage the door ways, corners or any place where the energy feels stuck or negative.

Palo Santo Wood Sticks
Palo Santo, often comes from Peru, and is a mystical tree that grows in South America. It works similar to saging as the smoke clears negative energy. In ancient, and modern, times, Palo Santo is burned by Shamans and Medicine people energetically cleanse the air and space. The wood and citrus smell is uplifting and features a heavenly presence. It is popular to remove mosquitoes or other flying insects.

Incense has long been used from ancient Indian temples to Catholic churches. The scent and smell is what attracts people to use incense, but the smoke has the same effect has sage and palo santo. The smoke clears a space to increase the flow of, and uplift, positive energy. The first record of incense was noted in the Egyptian era and has followed various religious ceremonies and functions to elevate the atmosphere.

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Dream Catchers
Once used as a spiritual tool from Native Americans, now translates to good luck and fortune in modern living. Dream catchers are used to capture the negative dreams, which would “die” at sunrise. The good dreams were known to move through the dreamcatcher. The feathers are used to symbolize breath and air. It is ideal to place the dream catcher above or near the bed. Dream catchers are popular in many southwestern stores and Native American gift shops.

Feng Shui
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy, which harmonizes human experience with his or her surrounding area. The term “feng shui” translates to “wind-water.” Feng Shui incorporates the Bagua Chart to rearrange homes to increase positive energy flow not only in the home but in one’s life endeavors such as career and relationships.

Gems, Crystals, and Stones
Crystals are said to hold and expend certain energies. Amethyst is a popular all around positive stone to have in the home to promote balance, patience and serenity. This stone also provides healing purposes and is effective for meditation and to enhance intuition. This stone may enhance lucid dreaming and release of ailments such as insomnia, headaches and depression. For the home, Amethyst is the protector stone against thieves and protects travelers on the road. Every stone or gem is different and the more the merrier in home to keep energy lifted, positive and protected. Stones have been around since ancient times and popular with manifesting and increasing energy with many ancient cultures like Hinduism.