6 Mental Fitness Exercises to Boost Creativity

Author: Larry Mager

Some people ooze creativity; it’s like a gift. For most people, however, creativity can be a challenge. Especially if we have too much stress, a looming deadline, or just too much to do. Sometimes being creative takes extra work, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Quite often it only takes a small effort to tap into a creative flow. But what kind of effort? It’s different for everyone, but through a few tricks and pushing your brain into exercise mode, those small efforts can pay off very quickly. Here are six methods that can help you dive back into creative mode.

1. Get Moving

Go for a walk, go for a run, hit an exercise class, do some jumping jacks. People use exercise to blow off steam and ease symptoms of stress, so the same holds true for removing a creative block. Movement and changing our surroundings can be a big factor toward zeroing in on a new idea or giving us a new perspective.

2. Brainstorm

Two heads can be better than one, so pull someone else into the conversation. Just bouncing ideas off of another person opens your mind to different options. Talking it out and writing down ideas will make a big difference in breaking down any creative blocks, and you’re likely to come away with more than one idea.

3. Time for Play

As adults, the general rule of thumb is that there isn’t time to play or that play is for children. That couldn’t be further from the truth. More and more studies point to the physical, mental, and creative benefits of play. In fact, many large companies these days incorporate play into the work environment to promote more creative thinking. And play can come in a variety of forms. It can be through painting or drawing, building a fort or having a tea party, playing cards or chess, or even playing video games. Play allows us to color outside the lines a bit, which helps to uncork all kinds of creative thoughts and ideas.

4. Start Writing

The simple act of writing your train of thought is a great tool for unlocking creativity. Start out by writing down whatever you are thinking with no rules or reasons for what you are putting to paper. You might find yourself veering off on tangents, but more than likely you will start to form more cohesive thoughts and ideas. Those thoughts can, in turn, lead to channeling more creative ideas.

5. Try Something New

The act of working outside of our comfort zone is like doing mental push ups. By challenging your brain with something different and trying something new, you are forced to change your approach. It can be something as simple as trying a new route home from work, or maybe it’s listening to a type of music you have never heard before.

6. Cut Back Your To-Do List

A busy job and a busy home life can eat away at creativity, and stress is a big factor when it comes to a creative block. It might not be easy to chuck the whole list, but cutting back significantly on the daily list of stressors in your life can help right your brain back into a creative thought process. Think of it as a form of self care, too, in that by minimizing stress levels you are opting for better mental health.

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