From camping to glamping, no matter what bed, or ground, you sleep on, all sheets stare at the sky immersed underneath a celestial painting. Keep your eyes peeled for shooting stars, milky way clouds and star dust bursting through the night sky while resting at these incredible places to sleep under the stars.

Blue Mountains Private Safari, Australia
The Blue Mountains are located outside of Sydney in New South Wales, featuring clear skies and cooler nights. This “Swag Camp” features the traditional Aussie way of sleeping while comforting the swag with smitten sheets. Each swag presents pristine skyline views, remotely located, far away from city light pollution.

Tented Camp, Merzouga, Morocco
The dunes of Merzouga home a luxury camp, privately located in the Sahara Desert. With nothing surrounding the camp besides sand, sun and sky—visitors get one of the clearest celestial views in the world. Nomadic tents contain queen or king sized beds, furnished with traditional Moroccan colors and designs. Guests dine in the moonlight atop a magic carpet table ride.

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
Bryce is known as one of the best national parks, and as a dark sky destination for stargazing. Nearby campgrounds, such as Ruby’s, feature plenty of night sky views, including some grounds offering tipi tents. Each year a four-day astronomy festival occurs as well as dark sky ranger programs and full moon hikes. Some 7,500 stars are visible in one night.

Kiboko and Koija Star Beds, Loisaba Wilderness, Kenya
No other place promises star-sightings more than these “star beds.” With clear views, minus a mosquito net, the beds are rolled out before nighttime hours to situate a perfect viewing opportunity. The nets do not block Kiboko and Koija’s spectacular views, including the possible zebra sighting.

Las Ventanas at Paraiso, Mexico
For a whopping $1,600 per night, guests cozy up in the hotel’s rooftop terrace featuring a fancy hotel bed located underneath the night sky. If guests get too cold, head to the indoor bed, but while outside, guests can awake to a magnificent sunrise overlooking the ocean’s horizon. 

Amangiri, Utah
Utah has very little light pollution. If camping doesn’t work for your bedside dreams, head to the luxurious Aman Resorts where guests sleep in one of six rooftop suites. If sleeping and stargazing sound boring, take a swim in your suite’s private rooftop pool. This type of class comes with a hefty $1,500 per night pricetag, but is a one-of-a-kind Utah experience.

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