6 Biggest Decorating Mistakes

6 Biggest Decorating Mistakes

Ron Chapple Studios / thinkstock.com

Interior design is not every homemaker’s specialty. If your home has the look and feel you desire, it’ll be that place you call “home sweet home.” However, there are a couple of design ideas that can be better improved in this modern age. Say goodbye to the old-school shag carpet and floating disco balls to keep your home front-cover-friendly for Home and Garden Magazine.

Toilet Rugs
Toilet rugs are those colorful carpets that perfectly fit around the beautiful bowl. Commonly seen in vibrant hues of pink and green, ditch the bowl covers and go for a regular rectangular rug, placed away from the bowl and near the sink or bathtub.

Cluttered Counter Space
Leave some room to breathe on the kitchen counter space. A common design mistake is the over cluttering of blenders, quesadilla makers, and Kerugs. An ideal kitchen layout balances storage and aesthetics. A common rule of designing thumb says, “If there’s room above the sink, there’s room to breathe.”

Labyrinth Cables
Nontechnical homeowners sometimes intermingle the DVD and television cord in the surge protector. Not only is this an eyesore, but also left out leaves a confusing, and possible tripping, mess. Keep wires hidden in the back of the television stand.

Fear of Color
People love color, but sometimes are too scared to venture away from the white walls. Venture away from the institution feel and add a splash of color in the living or bedroom. Bedroom color works well on the wall that contains the bed. Not only does it add vibrancy, color increases mood and energy within the room.

Wallpapering the Entire Room
Wallpapering the entire room is not only expensive, but crowds the room with the same busy pattern. Save money and stand out with wallpapering one wall. In a bedroom, the wall behind the bed is the best wall to cover. The living room can benefit with wallpapering the main wall or the wall behind the couch.

Hiding Windows
Unless if you want to hide from the sun or keep the room a little cooler, consider opening up the curtains and letting the light shine in. Natural light lifts a room’s atmosphere and opens the air.