6 Best Places to View Spring Flowers

 6 Best Places to View Spring Flowers

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The days are longer, trees are budding and flowers are blooming. It’s officially spring! Flowers, possibly seen in thousands or millions, enhance picturesque displays with an array of colors. From tulips to poppies, these are some of the best places to view fields of flowers.

Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve
Bring your camera to capture one of the most beautiful, floral scenes in the states. Flowing hills of poppies decorate the landscape with vivid yellow, orange and red flowers. The duration and color of the poppies vary annually depending on how dry or wet the winter season. The wildflower season usually occurs between mid-February through late May. The 1,745 acre region contains eight miles of accessible trails to enjoy a sachet while viewing the colorful flowers. Various wildlife is spotted throughout this region, including rattlesnakes, so watch your step. Bring adequate clothing as this is part of the Mojave Desert Grassland Habitat and can be hot during the day and cooler at night.
Cherry Blossoms | Washington D.C.
In 1912, the mayor of Tokyo, donated 3,000 Yoshino Cherry Blossom Trees to the United States as a gift. These trees were planted along the Potomac River and around the national monuments. The best time to view these blossoms are between late march to early April. Visitors can find an array of celebrations during the National Cherry Blossom Festival, which is held annually throughout the duration of the blooms. This springtime celebration reminds the two countries of the friendship created throughout the many decades. Cherry blossom tours are also available during this festival.

Tulips | Skagit Valley, Washington
Imagine vast  fields of purple, white, yellow, pink and orange colors seen on the horizon. The sea of color are pristine rows of tulips set for the annual Skagit Tulip Festival. Bring your camera, as these displays are amazing and bold. The festival is held annually throughout the month of April. The display lays amongst mountainous farm landscapes where tourists view thousands of bloomed bulbs. There is a total of 350-acres of tulips with 150 variety of flowers in the Display Garden.
The Bluebonnet | Texas
Texas’s official flower, the bluebonnet, is visible late March through mid-April. Bluebonnets are  everywhere in Hill County,Texas, and in large quantities. They are viewable throughout central Texas, from cities to roadside displays. Bluebonnets are the sign that spring has blossomed in Texas. The Bluebonnet Trail, starting in Austin, leads to highways in all directions that are lined with miles of bluebonnets and other various wildflowers. Take a breath of fresh air, as this is one of the best smelling drives around.
Great Smoky Mountains | Tennessee
This national park, sometimes referred as “Wildflower National Park,” blooms are found year-round. The park is known as world-renowned preserve of wildflower diversity, including over 1,500 species of flowers and plants found in the park. The spring ephemeral is visible February through April. The peak of spring wildflowers occurs in mid-April at lower elevations of the park. Spring flowers include, but not limited to: trillium, bleeding hearts, columbine, violets, jack-and-the-pulpit and lady slipper orchids. Each spring, the park hosts the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage, which is a week long festival that includes guided wildflower hikes.

The Superstition Mountains | Arizona
Located east of Phoenix, visitors are treated to an eye-full of desert wildflowers. March is the best month to view various flowers such as Mexican poppies and Mojave lupine amongst fields of cactus. The most colorful and abundant seasons are after an El Nino, or wet and rainy, winter season.