2013 Yoga Festivals

2013 Yoga Festivals

Peace-loving, freedom-seeking and liberal-promoting individuals find serenity and inner-calmness while practicing yoga. So what better way to create a culture of universal love and freedom through a yoga festival. Every year various festivals occur throughout the world to bring together like-minded yogis to celebrate a cause, world peace. Expose your inner yogi through these various festivals this year.


Ananda Fest

Held in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, this festival occurs June 7-9, 2013. This international festival features all-level classes, spiritual stewdardship workshops, music, meditation and various healthy living seminars. The festival is held at Camp Sidrabene and embraces families to explore yoga through with new family friendly programs.


Telluride Yoga Festival

Located in the beautiful Telluride, Colorado, this event occurs July 11-14, 2013. With a stellar line-up of presenters, attendees are not left shorthanded, but filled with a  brain-ful of knowledge and skills. Each year 25% of the festival’s proceeds are donated to a local non-profit whose mission is to preserve the planet. This is also a green festival; therefore, is known as a “zero-waste” festival.


Hanuman Festival

Located in liberal, Boulder, Colorado, this festival is held June 13-16, 2013. This festival is a celebration of yoga, music and community in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains to nourish the mind and body. Attendees have the opportunity to hear various inspirational talks and connect with nature.


Shakti / Bhakti Festival

Yogis have three options to attend Bhakti Festival: Bhakti West, Bhakti Midwest or Shakti Festival. These festivals embrace dance, yoga, music and human consciousness. The onsite wellness center is a place for yogis to explore healing and energy work when not practicing or dancing. The event also includes fire circles, hanuman chalisas and continuous Kirtan music.


Flagstaff Yoga Festival

Occurring August 2-4, 2013 in Flagstaff, Arizona, where yogis connect to the beauty of nature and yoga. With a variety of NIA, Qi-gong and yoga classes, there is something for every-body and level. When not on the mat, yogis can take advantage of the local trails to seek freedom and serenity.