15 Most-Vibrant Beach Clubs in Den Haag, Netherlands

Pronouncing “Scheveningen” in Dutch is not my strong point, but enjoying great food and good vibes at a beach club on a sunny day is my strength! Den Haag is one of my favorite Dutch cities. If I had to guess, it’s what Amsterdam used to be before tourism overtook the city.

Calm, relaxed and quiet, The Hague gets two thumbs up in my book because of its seaside cafe/bar life. The beach is an added bonus, and although it’s not swimmable most of the year, the spring through early fall months light up with life as the pale dutchman seeks as much sun as possible.

Whether you’re looking for something vibrant or something chic, let’s take a stroll on the “strandweg,” or boardwalk to discover the must-visit beach clubs in the Hague.