10 Ultimate Places to See Wildlife

10 Ultimate Places to See Wildlife

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One reason why millions of people travel to the outdoors is to view wildlife in their natural habitat. Fascinations with wildlife start from youth, viewing them as cute cartoon characters to later seeing their beastly instincts at work on the Discovery Channel. Observing your favorite animal in nature is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. From woodpeckers to wombats to whales, these are the top 10 places to view wildlife in the world.

Galapagos Islands | Ecuador
No list is complete without the Galapagos Islands. These islands were formed by volcanic eruptions, and are the birthplace of curiosity for the Darwin Theory. Now a World Heritage Site, visitors are stunned with endemic wildlife including butterflies, giant tortoises and hundreds of species of birds.

Katmai National Park | Alaska
Get ready to view one of nature’s fiercest beasts, the Grizzly bear. Katmai flourishes with brown bears, moose, salmon, seals and sea birds. The caribou and red foxes roam the range, while the owls and hawks soar the sky looking for food.

Great Barrier Reef | Australia
Everyone loves Nemo and giant sea turtles. Float around the reef as snorkelers and divers discover everything from sea cucumbers to sharks. Better get to the reef fast, as the human footprint is damaging the vibrancy and leaving nothing but a brown and dirty colored reef.

Channel Islands | California
Catch a glimpse of dolphins and whales as you sail along the shoreline. On a lucky day, you may see the mammoth blue whale roam the ocean. From seals to lizards, Channel Islands are drowning with land and sea mammals.

Krueger National Park | South Africa
The popular African Safari comprises of hundreds of species from big cats to primates. Lucky visitors receive an “Anatomy of Lion Kill” class. Where others experience the youth frolicking amidst the dry land. There’s plenty of animals and action to see on this trip.

Antarctica is becoming a popular tourist destination in search of pure lands and wildlife. Whales, polar bears, penguins and seals are some of the spectacular sites to be seen.

Phillip Island | Australia
Located 90 minutes from Melbourne, is the penguin-filled, Phillip Island. Turn on your happy feet as the penguins waddle on by every sunset. The penguins return to their sand dune homes after a long day searching for food.

Costa Rica
From the jungles to the sea, Costa Rica is a wildlife paradise. Poison-dart tree frogs, toucans, and moldy sloths hang out in the trees where whales and tropical fish swim near the ocean shoreline. Big cats, butterflies and insects are the creatures to watch out for while hiking throughout the jungle.

Disney was right; creatures of all sorts rule Madagascar. King Julius himself and thousands of other lemurs run around mad while the chameleon keeps his eye out for birds and reptiles. This is flora and fauna at it’s best.

Everglades | Florida
This wonderful wetland is home to thousands of reptiles, birds and large wadding species. This is the only place where crocodiles and alligators coexist, peacefully.  Snake lovers strike gold with the infamous anaconda.