What Every Body Needs to Know about Sleep

What Every Body Needs to Know about Sleep

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Americans persistently hear why the body needs sleep, but many bodies do not understand the role or purpose of sleep. The most important aspect to understand is that sleeping is a natural biological process and no stimulant or modern day gimmick can replace sleep. Researchers continually seek the true reason why humans need sleep, but like any other mammal who sleeps, humans require sleep to function and repair muscles. Sleep is a part of human’s health and vitality, and below is what every body needs to know about sleep.

Brain Restoration
Research scientists at the University of Rochester discovered that the brain needs rest for survival. Sleep allows the brain to break from the waking hours of text messaging and stress. Sleep is essential for mental health.

Cleanses the Brain
When the body sleeps, the brain has an opportunity to rid of waste product twice as fast during sleep. The waste is sent through the spinal fluid, which is sent to the liver for elimination. This happens quicker because the neurons shrink in half, thus making fluid channels wider.

Understand Biological Processes
The body undergoes the circadian rhythm, which stimulates certain hormones that are linked with light and dark. During light hours, the brain releases serotonin, while during dark hours the body release melatonin, a vital hormone to promote sleep. Therefore, it’s only natural for the body to work in rhythm with universal laws.

Regulates Hormones
The body releases and balances hormones all day everyday. When the body gets enough sleep, leptin and ghrelin hormones are regulated. These two hormones signal hunger pangs and notify the brain that the body is full. When sleep deprived, these hormones release full throttle increasing hunger appetites and decreasing feelings of fullness. Balancing these hormones are ideal for weight maintenance or loss.

Helps Muscle Grow
During sleeping hours, this is the ideal time for increased anabolism, the build up of muscle. Since the body is less active it allows more energy to funnel to the building complex structures. Stimulating protein synthesis, for the brain and muscles, are important for highly active individuals who workout or have highly active jobs.

Regulates Mood
Every body knows that when the body gets rest, mood is elevated and happy. Lack of sleep, even for one night, leaves the brain foggy, groggy and tired. This is caused only from the primal reason that the body and brain needs sleep in order to function in this stressful, modern society.