Top Wildflower Hikes in the Pacific Northwest

Top Wildflower Hikes in the Pacific Northwest

Wildflower season is approaching, which is one of the most beautiful seasons to hike in the Pacific Northwest. Trek along floral trails outlined with lupine, alpine lilies and balsamroot. Families, photographers and nature lovers trek these popular trails to explore the most beautiful wildflower trails in the Pacific Northwest.

Dog Mountain, Washington
Distance: Roundtrip 8 miles

This trail is the primo Columbia River Gorge wildflower trail. This trail offers views of the Gorge and its deep cut slices into the Cascade walls. At the top, the route is trailed with yellow arrowleaf balsamroot and the fantastic Gorge views. The trail is intense, but well worth the effort.

Spray Park, Washington
Distance: Roundtrip 7.5 miles

Located at Mount Rainier, Spray Park features fantastic meadow and old forest growth views. But what is most memorable is the heather and alpine blossoms that sparkle pink, white and purple waves throughout the meadow. Watch out for the resident bear at dusk hours. He’s harmless but known to hang around the area in search for berries.

McNeal Point Hike, Oregon
Distance: Roundtrip: 10.4 miles

With 2,200 foot of elevation, this hike is intense, but well worth the Mount Hood views. Hikers start at the Top Spur Trailhead and follow the Timberline Trail. The trail leads to patches of pasqueflower meadows with Hood in the backdrop, a perfect image for blossoming photographers.

Skyline Loop Trail, Washington
Distance: Roundtrip 6.0 miles

This intense hike is accessible from Paradise Visitors Center at Mount Rainer National Park. This is the number one wildflower hike at Mount Rainier. Abundant wild-flowered meadows are visible at the parking lot, and gets better as the trail leads closer up the mountain. Bring plenty of water as this hike is exposed in the sun.

Sauk Mountain, Washington
Distance: Roundtrip 4.2 miles

This switchback trail contains “steep” edges and switchback trails leading through flowered meadows. Hues of white, orange and purple trickle through the field as far as the eye can see. On a clear day, the trail features views of Cascade River, Teebone Ridge, The Pickets and Helen Buttes.

Tire Mountain, Oregon
Distance: Roundtrip 7 miles

For a top-flowered trail outside of Eugene, Tire Mountain is an ideal hike. Walk through a combination of forest and meadow landscapes to trek along blossomed-filled pastures. Enjoy expansive Cascade views during June and July are the wildflower peak months.

by Elizabeth Kovar


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