Most Unique Places to Sleep

Most Unique Places to Sleep


Have you ever thought of sleeping in a coffin? Or how about sleeping under the moonlight in a tipi? Whatever bed, floor or campground you desire, destinations around the world offer one-of-a-kind places to rest tired eyes, and to push sleepy bodies outside the Hilton’s comfort zone. Get ready to explore the most unique places to sleep with this list of top choices located below.

Berlin Propeller Island City Lodge Hotel, Germany
This art exhibit sleeping lodge features more than art studios with a Berliner flare. Each of the 30 rooms is individually decorated to showcase a one-of-a-kind design including a coffin, mirror, and grandmother room. Whacky, weird, and insane are what many travelers describe this hotel; plus this may be your only time to sleep in a coffin and actually wake up from it. Rooms range from €99-150.

Jumbo Stay, Sweden
Experience a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet without feeling squished in a tuna can at the Jumbo Stay. This 27-room jumbo jet sits on the runway with spacious rooms and 76 beds. Built in 1976 as a jet plane, it was transformed into a hotel in 2007, with plenty of conference space.

Amangiri Resort, Utah
Located 15-minutes from Lake Powell, Amangari is a secluded resort featuring nothing but nature, luxury and class. With rooms ranging between $1,500-$3,000 per night, you get to stay in one of 34 suites or villas, some coming with a private rooftops, featuring a pool and luxury beds with clear views of the starry night sky.

Library Hotel, New York City
When visiting the Big Apple, book a stay at the library room, the place where no person goes to bed without a book. Each room is individually designed to a specific theme, featuring books that match the room’s identity. For example, the “Ask the Librarian a Question,” is the perfect place to find answers about the Dewey Decimal system. The hotel features over 6,000 books.

V8 Hotel, Germany
Located in Stuttgart, this four-star hotel features sheets between the doors of the world’s most classic cars. The modern design welcomes car lovers to take a dream down nostalgic lane, right in the very seat of a Volkswagen Beetle. For those who prefer regular beds, book one of the many themed rooms, which features classic and historic motor and automobile themes.

Aydinli Cave Hotel, Turkey
This family-friendly guesthouse is carved into the side of a cave, minutes from old town Goreme. Some areas within the cave are believed to be 500 years old, also featuring clear night sky views. Beds are nestled into the cave walls, furnished with homely amenities and equipped with plenty of lighting. Standard rooms to family suites are available for small and large parties. Cooking classes and free drop services are also available.