Most Delicious Beach Foods from Around the World

Travel and Leisure — July 2, 2014 at 5:00 am

Most Delicious Beach Foods from Around the World


Digging toes in the sand and bathing in the sun are part of an exciting beach vacation. But as any American will agree, chowing down on the local grub seems to pull at most heart strings, eventually causing heart disease. Beaches found around the world comprise of its own flavor, including the cuisine. The next time you want to bite into something delicious, venture to these countries cafes and beach shacks for some of the best beach foods around.

Southern California — Fish Tacos
When visiting So-Cal, head to a bar, café or taco truck, in search for the famous fish taco. Every recipe is different, but the salsa and cabbage topping is what defines its mouth-watering presence. Most fish tacos are made from cod or mahi mahi, a delectable fresh fish from southern shorelines. Fried food lovers will enjoy tacos with fried fish topped with a special sour cream sauce.

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Ko Phi Phi Beach, Thailand — Coconut Donuts
Thailand cuisine attracts travelers around the world just to experience its food. In Ko Phi Phi, head to one of the street carts in search for the lightly deep fried, coconut-filled donut. Looking for a healthier option? No problem, fresh coconut water is found at street vendors who machete the top off and serve fresh with a straw.

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Hawaii — Mangos, Pineapple, Papayas and Macadamia Nuts
Fresh Hawaiian fruit and macadamia nuts are a pleasant warm weather snack or breakfast. Check out local diners who whip up banana, macadamia nut pancakes topped with coconut syrup. The fruit and nuts are an affordable Hawaiian delight, perfect for the beach.

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Sicily, Italy — Granita
For those who think Italy is filled with Romans, pizza, and lattes have forgotten that Italy is surrounded with sun, sea, and sand. The coastal shoreline boasts hot beaches and cool treats. This slushy-like treat is served with shaved ice, fruit preserves, syrup and nuts. Try flavors such as peach, lemon, orange and spicy fig.

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Jamaica — Jerk Chicken
Served with a delicious Red Stripes beer, locals and visitors feast on finger-licking good chicken. Vendors, cafes and restaurants serve up this spicy chicken along the shoreline, and served usually with beans and rice. For a citrus flavor, sprinkle the chicken with lime.

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Goa, India — Mango Lassi
When the Indian heat hits, head to town for mango lassi. Mangos are local in India and stir up a potent fruit-flavored yogurt drink. The blended fruit and yogurt is usually topped with sugar or cardamom and makes for a perfect body-cooling smoothie on a hot Indian summer day. Vendors and cafes serve mango lassi drinks all day and night.

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Australia — Fish-n-Chips
Like the English, fish and chips are an integral part of this British-colonized diet. Eating fish and chips with a cold Toohey’s or Victorian Bitter beer is a near-religious experience on the Aussie shorelines. Most towns have street side cafes and bars that serve up this piping hot fried meal, served with vinegar and “tomato sauce.”

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