Coolest Beach Boulders

Beach and Water — May 8, 2014 at 5:00 am

Coolest Beach Boulders


Beaches are beautiful, no doubt, but why a beach is truly unique is due to the one-of-a-kind beach rock formation. Boulder and rock formations come in all shapes, sizes and colors and distinguish the beach’s natural beauty and unique charm. When in search for your not-so-traditional beach, check out some the coolest boulder and gigantic rock beaches throughout the US.

Bowling Ball Beach, California
When in search for an “All Natural” bowling ball, look no further than Bowling Ball Beach. This is definitely one of Northern California’s most unique beaches, thanks to the circular and oval-shaped boulders that flood the shoreline. These sedimentary balls are back dropped by sandstone bluffs, making the scenery dramatic, beautiful and stunning.

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Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California
Pfeiffer Beach is famously known for the giant rock formation that sits on the shoreline. As one of the most favorite Big Sur beaches, it comes to no surprise, as when timed correctly, the sunset glistens and gleams through the giant hole in the rock, attracting photographers and travelers alike. This unspoiled beach is one of the most visited beaches in the region.

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Cannon Beach, Oregon
This Pacific Northwest Beach is popular with tourists thanks to the magnificent Haystack Rock. This protruding rock formation stands tall in the shoreline, which makes for perfect sunset photos. For a bird’s eye view, visit Ecola State Park to view the many boulders and rock formations atop the trail. This is another popular spot for daydreamers and photographers alike.

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Kee Beach, Kauai, Hawaii
This beach is the last accessible beach on Kauai’s north shore. This lagoon-like beach is protected from local reefs, creating gentle waves. The topography includes a combination of sandy shoreline, rocky shelves and bulging boulders to climb on. Stay connected to the warning signs, as many people have drowned at this beach.

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Black Sands Beach, Prince William Sound, Alaska
Although this beach is unique due to its black sand, it also hosts ice boulders. Large glacial chunks of ice formations and boulders wash ashore to create a picture perfect backdrop.  Combined with local black rocks, this beach is beyond breathtaking in person and is one of Alaska’s most precious beaches.

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Bandon Beach, Oregon
The Oregon coastline is a beautiful site to explore from the north to south. Bandon’s nicknamed, “The Cranberry Capital of the West Coast,” which attracts many locals and tourists. Bandon Beach hosts various rock formations, which protrude from the earth, creating various geological shapes. The beach is forever beautiful at sunset when the rays glisten on the shoreline, creating an auric field over the rock formations.

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