All About Thread Count and Sheets

All About Thread Count and Sheets In the late 90’s the thread count phenomena hit the bedding market and now is the topic of sheet conversation. Sheets come in all qualities, color, and size. However, there are four components that make or break the quality, which includes fiber quality, weave, finishing and thread count and […]

Meditation Techniques for Better Sleep

Meditation Techniques for Better Sleep Twitchy minds and restless legs find it challenging to fall asleep, especially during stressful times. The inability to sleep is mainly caused from the brain, which is hardwired to overthink and analyze everything. And what your brain needs is to stop thinking and start relaxing. Meditation before bed promotes better […]

How Your Star Sign affects your Sleep

How Your Star Sign affects your Sleep Every human is programmed differently with various interests, emotions and ability to sleep, or not. When a human is born, a snapshot of the celestial sky is produced, known as one’s astrological birth chart. This blueprint provides all of one’s life details, including the significant sun, moon and […]

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders kieferpix / iStock / The circadian rhythm is our biological clock, or “body clock,” which is a daily cycle of biological activity based on a 24-hour period. The circadian rhythm works with environmental factors such as day and night to promote alertness and rest. Interestingly enough, the circadian rhythm affects […]

Sleep Tips for Pregnant Moms

SLEEP Sleep Tips for Pregnant Moms Posted by Elizabeth Kovar Getting a good night sleep when pregnant is no easy task, but is essential for proper fetal development and for the mom-to-be’s well being. Many sleepless nights can leave fatigued moms more susceptible to colds, illnesses or depressive symptoms. No matter how large your tummy is, […]

Aromatherapy Mood Enhancers

AROUND THE HOUSE Aromatherapy Mood Enhancers Posted by Elizabeth Kovar Are you looking to improve your energy, sleep, or what happens between the sheets? Aromatherapy and essential oils are nature’s way to stimulate or calm the senses with the use of plant and flower extracts. Essential oils have a medicinal effect on our physical and emotional […]

Most Sleep Deprived Cities

SLEEP Most Sleep Deprived Cities Posted by Elizabeth Kovar Across the U.S. many cities suffer from sleepless nights. But to some surprise, dreary places such as Seattle did not make the cut. Non-rested cities that did make the list were based on a study conducted for Sleepy’s, The Mattress Professionals. The Center for Disease Control and […]

Top 7 Drinks that Help You Sleep

SLEEP Top 7 Drinks that Help You Sleep Posted by Elizabeth Kovar Need help getting to sleep? Most Americans struggle to get enough sleep and some even have nightly staring contests with the ceiling. But now there’s hope and research shows that we drink can help or hinder our nightly zzz’s. If you’re in the market […]

New Years Resolution: 10 Ideas for Better Sleep in 2014

SLEEP New Years Resolution: 10 Ideas for Better Sleep in 2014 Posted by Elizabeth Kovar The New Year is here, and that means time to put forth full effort for our resolutions. If you require better sleep now is the time to make improvements for sound and restful sleep this 2014. These simple and easy to […]

Meaning of Animals in Your Dreams

SLEEP Meaning of Animals in Your Dreams Posted by Elizabeth Kovar After your brain was off in la-la land, you awake in your conscious state to recognize that an animal was a significant part of your dream. Animals in dreams are highly significant and symbolize our deeper instincts and subconsciousness that are repressed. Animal dreams deal […]