Partner Exercise


Are you looking for a new way to mix-up your workout? Partner exercises are an ideal method to blast calories while having fun. These full-body exercises stimulate the metabolism as well as the brain because reacting to verbal cues or visual signals enhances the mind-body connection. Boost your metabolism as you blast your way through these BOSU® partner exercises.

You can perform the following exercises using time (30 – 60 seconds) or repetitions (15 – 20). If the exercises have one “active partner” and one “helper partner,” complete two sets of the exercise, one set for each active partner.


Stand to the left side of the BOSU® Balance Trainer. Your partner should stand about three to four feet away, holding the medicine ball while facing you.  As you perform a side lunge with the right leg stepping onto the Balance Trainer dome, your partner will toss the medicine ball to you. The goal is to sync the lunge and catch motion simultaneously. As you push back to your starting position, simultaneously toss the medicine ball to your partner. Complete one set on each leg, then switch partner positions.


Place 2 Balance Trainers about 3 feet apart on the floor with you and your partner each behind one of them. With your arms extended in front of your bodies, hold a resistance band between you. The resistance band should provide enough tension that you both have to resist rotating toward each other.  While maintaining torso stability, engage your core and begin alternating forward lunges on and off the dome. To pick up the intensity, perform lunge jumps by keeping one foot on the dome and the other on the ground. On the count of the “3,” jump and switch legs to the opposite side lunge. Continue the motion at your preferred intensity for time or repetitions


Place two BOSU® Balance Trainers  next to each other about 3 – 4 feet apart. Begin in a forearm plank position with you and your partner’s heads facing each other. Adjust your spacing if necessary so that you can reach across the gap and touch hands when both of you extend one arm. Designate a lead partner to call “go” and “stop.”. For 60 – 90 seconds partners will clap opposing hands on “go” and hold a static plank on “stop.” On “go,” make sure you are alternating arms with each clap (for example, both partners clap right hands, then return that arm to the dome while clapping left hands). Rest for 60 seconds, then switch the partner that is calling “go” and “stop.”


Begin by standing on top of the BOSU® dome in an athletic stance with knees bent slightly and arms in front of your chest. Your partner stands on the floor facing you in the same athletic stance. When your partner on the floor cues you to“go,”perform one burpee by stepping or jumping off the dome, stepping or jumping to plank, then stepping or jumping back up on top of the dome. When you are back on the dome,high five your partner and hold a balanced athletic stance until your partner says “go” again.Repeat several times with your partner cueing “go” at random times to make the exercise unpredictable. After 60 – 90 seconds, switch positions and repeat the drill.


Stand facing your partner with one BOSU® Balance Trainer between you. Each of you holds a lightly weighted medicine ball at waist level with your elbows bent and close to your body. While your partner stands in a “ready” position, lunge forward, placing your right foot on top of the dome while simultaneously rotating your torso and the med ball across your right thigh. As you return to the starting position on the floor, your partner performs the same right leg lunge with rotation onto the dome. Repeat this alternating partner pattern, making sure you switch legs and the direction of rotation with each repetition.


Elizabeth Kovar M.A. is a BOSU & ACE Master Trainer presenter. She is author of her first book, “Finding Om,” and has studied yoga in five different countries. For questions or comments, please visit: