What would you do if you could anything…?

I remember, as if it were yesterday, the day I walked out of my nightly sport sociology class on Bowling Green State University campus, and I noticed this flyer of a man standing on top of a mountain with arms wide open and “What would you do if you could anything?” My mind jolted with […]

Fall into a Stress-free Season

To stress or not to stress? ADMIN JULY 3, 2012 0   Toolsforagreatlife.com Written by Elizabeth Kovar, M.A. Contributor for Tools For A Great Life It is common to encounter stress on a daily basis. From sitting in traffic to presenting at a conference, we must learn to recognize stress and how it affects our daily life.  Some days are […]

Back in Action & Ready to Roll

Just before my departure to Europe, I officially launched my site! This has been an exciting, near two year, journey to figure out what type of website I wanted; plus, exactly how I wanted to brand myself to be perceived by fitness professionals.  I did have the “light bulb” experience one morning, but I do […]


Welcome everyone to brand new website and blog! With this blog, I will post educational reading materials; in addition to posting publications from the various websites that I write for. I hope you enjoy this experience and please feel free to contact me at anytime if you should have any questions regarding the articles, blog […]