Accessories for Quality Fall Sleep

Accessories for Quality Fall Sleep


With shorter days and longer nights, fall is the perfect season for sleeping between comfortable sheets and warm comforters. Rest your tired eyes and restless body in comfort this fall with top of the line accessories to make every night warm and adventurous.

Down Comforter
Cooler months are kept warm with down comforters, the perfect nighttime cuddle buddy. There’s a reason why people enjoy hotel beds, since they often use down comforters. If you live in a four-season climate, choose Down Linen’s All Season Down Comforter.  This comforter keeps winter nights warm and summer nights cool with its 550 Fill Power White Down.

Extra Warm Blankets
Blankets are perfect for the couch, love seat and bed. No matter the location, the Down Filled Extra Warmth Fleece Throw Blanket is a classic 550 fill power white goose down linen, which keep snuggler’s warm in front of a fireplace or atop of the bed. The rustic homely look mix and matches with home furnishings thanks to its white or red plaid design.

Extra pillows may be needed to prop your body upright on the couch or bed, especially when enjoying a movie or working on the laptop. The versatile Cloud 9 Pillow is the ideal item for the bed or couch for any occasion. The pillow combines softness and support thanks to its 300 thread count cover.

A throw is an ideal decorative sheet to enhance the aesthetics of the bed and to bring extra warmth to cold bodies. Throws are lighter than thicker blankets and come in various styles, designs and colors.  The 100% Microfiber Just Peachy Throw is a modern and elegant throw that fashions every bed. Choose from various shades such as Lilac, Steel Blue, White, or other colors that match your room’s style and color scheme.

Tea Set
Although not a part of the bedding group, a tea set is the perfect addition to every movie night or late night book reading adventure. Compliment your fresh linens and down comforter with chamomile, bed time or valerian root tea. These herbal concoctions promote relaxation and flows warmth throughout the body to enhance the sheets warmth and comfort.