Have you ever desired to push your body to hike one of the longest trails in the states? If so, these longest trails in the US contain thousands of miles of primitive and intense trekking. If hiking 6,800 miles is not for you, there are many sections on every trail that make for a nice day hike.

American Discovery Trail
This trail runs from coast to coast with two options to take the northern or southern route. The trail splits in Ohio and Colorado, giving hikers the option to trek either route. The southern route is 5,057 miles in length where the northern route is 4,834. The trail does pass through towns and cities, thus connecting back to the real world, but offers a similar Oregon Trail experience.

North Country National Scenic Trail
This trail system connects various multiple trails, totaling up to 5,400 miles in length. The trail connects from Key West to the Appalachian Trail and travels through Canada and Belle Island. It’s perfect for those who want to experience everything from beaches to mountain peaks.

Great Western Trail
This 4,455-mile trail meanders through Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Known as one of 16 designated “National Millennium Trails,” from the White House, trekkers’ experience everything from deserts to alpine forests.

Continental Divide Scenic Trail
This trail consists of 3,100 miles of scenic landscape between Canada and Mexico, traversing through five states including New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. The landscape is breathtaking ranging from Colorado peaks to New Mexico dry-land desert.

Pacific Crest Scenic Trail
The PCS trail journeys from Mexico to Canada while hiking various states in between. The trail is 2,638 miles in length with 2,973 people completing the full hike, including 57 people completing the trail more than once. This trail is popular for section hiking to trek day or a multi-day trip.

Appalachian National Scenic Trail
The popular AT trail is 2,174 miles in length and is one of three prestigious trails including the Pacific Crest and Continental Divide. Completing all three is known as the Triple Gem.

Buckeye Trail
Meandering around the state of Ohio, the Buckeye Trail is 1,444 miles in length, ranging from the hilly south to the forest-growth north. In 1959, the trail started with 20 miles and eventually expanding to the full loop in 1980.

by Elizabeth Kovar

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