6 Ways to Pick the Best Dog Name


6 Ways to Pick the Best Dog Name

Whether you just got a dog or are thinking about getting one, choosing a name is not easy. With so many choices you may not even know where to begin. Although everyone loves advice, it’s best to think about how you want to name your dog. These tips and ideas are here to help you think about the best name for your dog.

Importance of Consistency and Tradition
Whether its Brutus or Rover, these names may be overused but somehow serve a purpose. These names identify dogs and certain breeds. Plus, some dogs just look like a Brutus. Some also like to use a family name to keep tradition alive. Many of these names are easy to say and somehow fit the mold of the perfect and original family pet.

Go Meaningful and Creative
For some owners, a dog is not a dog, but rather an icon or a part of their family. Creative names are fun, innovative and express the owner’s creativity. From nicknames to superheroes, there are plenty of creative names to choose from. Even an ordinary name like Jack could symbolize one’s love for Jack Daniels. A name like Fritz could remind the owner of their love for German or Austrian culture, or the origin of the breed. Similarly, someone born and raised in Cleveland may want to name their dog Cleveland to show home pride. The choices are endless.

Easy to Say
Although creative names are fun, a short and easy to pronounce name is handy especially during dog training. Most dog names are best with one or two syllables. Practice saying the name in a command or calling situation. You can hear the difference between Brutus and Mr. Buttercup. Long names normally get chopped down overtime so Mr. Buttercup may end up becoming Butters or just plain old B.

Some owners find it helpful to name their dog several weeks after adoption or getting the dog. This way they can discover the dog’s personality. Does your dog love the smell of peaches? Or is your dog sweet but spotted like a Snicker’s bar? Putting all food aside, getting to know the dog aides in the decision making process. If your dog starts dancing to Beethoven, take it as a universal sign.

Seriously, Food Never Goes Out of Style
Ginger, Muffin, Peaches, Snickers, Sugar…food is always in style. Food marks the spot with the color of one’s fur and personality. Although some dogs can be sweet as candy as a puppy and as bitter as a lemon once they age, choose a name that will suit them even in their adult years.

Popular Names Today
Popular male dog names include Gus, Trapper, Fin, Cooper, Bailey, Max, Charlie, Buddy, Rocky, Jake, Jack, Toby, and Buster. Popular female dog names include Bella, Lucy, Molly, Daisy, Maggie, Sophie, Sadie, Chloe, Bailey, Lola, Ginger, and Zoe. Even if you don’t love these popular names, you can see that many owners still use a combination of traditional and original names.