6 Methods to Waking up in the Morning

6 Methods to Waking up in the Morning

When the morning alarm rings, most people have the best intentions to arise and kick start the day bright eyed and a bushy tailed. But for most tired eyes, skipping the gym or hitting the snooze button nine times is part of the morning routine. Although there’s no hidden secret besides “just doing it,” there are still plenty of methods to kickstart the morning without a bowl of snoozeberries.

Wake up with a Purpose
Grooming, eating, and planning the day is part of everyone’s morning, but those with a routine, or a morning goal, often wake up easier thanks to having a purpose. Instead of running late and rushing around the house in the morning, establish a routine. A routine may include enjoying a cup of coffee or taking a morning walk.  Once you notice the after effects such as walking waking you up, or drinking tea being pleasurable, habits are more easily established.

Get to Know Your Body
Some people are early risers whereas others enjoy sleeping in.  For those who love to sleep in sometimes plan early morning events (with the best intentions) such as going to the gym before work. When this happens, night owl eyes dip into sleep hours and thus not logically creating the best habit. It may work short-term, but when one notices and honors their sleeping pattern, they can best arrange events, such as going to the gym after work.

Stop Hitting Snooze
For many, the snooze button is one’s best friend for an extra 10 minutes of sleep. It is better to sleep those extra 10 minutes and arise immediately upon the alarm sounding. For most “just extra 10-minutes” is a bad habit, which causes late morning rushes. Plus, when waking up earlier just to hit the snooze, people are cutting quality sleep minutes.

Move the Alarm Clock
For most, this “extreme” venture forces people out of bed. Moving iPhones and alarm clocks away from the bed forces people to arise without easily hitting snooze. Since the body is out of bed the circadian rhythm starts to prep for the day as light enters the eyes, awakening serotonin and functioning hormones. At this time, most have to head to the bathroom, thus kickstarting the day with being alert and increasing oxygen flow movement.

Get Stuff Done the Night Before
For those who really struggle in the morning, making lunch, laying out clothes and packing work bags saves much-needed minutes in the morning. For some this means an extra 15-20 minutes in bed. Therefore, it’s worth spending the time the night before, and seems to be one of the best habits snooze-bugs find effective.

Keep a Sleep Journal
Most people do not realize that sleep, exercise and nutrition work synergistically. A sleep journal can help people analyze their quality of sleep based upon hours slept, foods eaten prior to bed and exercise regimen. For those seeking medical help about their sleep condition, this log is important for sleep doctors to analyze . Plus, journals serve as an awareness tool to recognize how adequate sleep affects mood, behaviors and habits.