6 Cold Weather Essentials for Dogs

6 Cold Weather Essentials for Dogs

No longer must dogs stick out the cooler climate with wet fur and muddy paws. Modern-day dog owners can gear up their dog with the best technology available to keep them safe and warm during those cold outdoor activities.

Dog Booties
Muttluks, or mukluks, are another name for waterproof boots. These are especially helpful during long journeys through ice or wetlands. Most mukluks are made from heavy-duty nylon, leather, or recycled rubber for the sole, and lined with fleece keeping paw pads protected and warm and free from ice-ball build up between the pads.

Water Resistant Vest
Dogs of all shapes and sizes benefit from the snuggable water resistant coat. Warm on the inside, water-resistant on the outside, these coats are perfect for cooler and wetter months. Vests are much more important for smaller breeds or shorthaired dogs, since they tend to not adjust as easily to freezing temperatures as their long-haired counterparts.

Pet Bed Warmer
When heading outdoors during the cooler months, treat dogs at home with their very own pet bed warmer. Bed warmers are beneficial to dogs with arthritis or aging pets who suffer from achy joints. Bed warmers come in microwavable packs or plugin versions.

Hi-Visibility Light Collar
During the winter months, keep pets in check with light-up collars such as the Buddy Beacon. This impact resistant light has a 250+ hour battery life and is visible from three miles away, perfect for the family who cross country skis or hikes throughout snowline forests.

If the temperature drops enough, even the toughest dogs will start shivering. Make a sanctuary for dogs to snuggle and lie under a warm blanket. Many pet blankets are available, but a generic fleece blanket often does the trick. The blanket is perfect for cold-leather car rides to insulate heat better than the car seat.

Reflective Items
When heading out in low-light conditions, consider using reflective items: dog vests, collars, leashes. Gearing up your dog and yourself in this reflective gear is especially helpful to stay visible on walks through concrete jungles.